Rapper Gets RICO’d – Tsu Surf

Time and time again – we see humans fall victim to their ways. Indeed, hip-hop artists have the most dangerous occupation on the planet. Thus, they should protect themselves at all costs. More times than not, the extent of their subject matter determines their fate. Moreso, their actions and who they choose to associate with play the ultimate role.

Tsu Surf is an East Coast artist from New Jersey who grew popular through the battle rap arena. Matter of fact, he grew so much that he earned himself a spot on the Rolling Loud stage this past September in New York. Unfortunately, he is now one of several defendants being tried under the RICO predicate. 

Rahjon Cox’s involvement with a Rolling 60s Crip gang Silverbacc Gorillas has landed him in hot water. 

My imagination is surely an aggravation of threats

That can come about, ’cause the tongue is mighty powerful

And I can name a list of your favorites that probably vouch” 

Kendrick Lamar

There inlies the inherent issue within the hip-hop community. Those who create words and phrases that glorify street life but do not carry out said actions are not respected. The people who put forth creative lyrics and then back up those lyrics with heinous actions are deemed worthy. 

Committing crimes, glorifying violence and treating others with disrespect go nearly hand-in-hand with the genre. Especially among the likes of battle rappers. 

Now this is not the case for every hip-hop artist but it seems as though the majority of the time those who back up their grimey lyrics with reputable action are more credible. I guess it all depends upon what lane you choose and the type of audience you are trying to entertain. 

The first amendment does not protect “overt and predicate acts” described in lyrics. Now, Tsu Surf who has worked with Joe Budden, Benny the Butcher, Retchy P and many notable others may not touch a stage again for years to come. We gotta smarten up, fellas.


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