FREAKJET – Vel the Wonder & ZOOMO

Vel the Wonder is quite the majestic individual. Her aura radiates jubilance and flavor. As a West Coast LA native – Baldwin Park to be exact – she provides such an incredible burst of life into today’s hip-hop atmosphere. 

Vel Part Starts @3:12 [2012]

She has put out a couple projects since 2014 (Laced w/ Pearls, La Sena Ave, Mariposa) as she has been taking her time to launch her hip-hop journey. She began to see an uptick in traction when her song ‘Frutas’ was featured on S1 of HBO’s Euphoria.

What made us write this is the release of her most recent project, “Freakjet” entirely produced by Zoomo. We will get into that HEATER of a tape very soon.

Everything the Sun Touches is Yours

The aspect about Vel that we adore most is the way that she bares all on the track. Her pain is our pain and the vulnerability she exhibits makes the connection so much stronger between lyricist and audience.

She has a very raspy and ferocious tone that is inviting and enticing. Her braggadocious nature showcases the steez she possesses. Most importantly, listening to the wondrous Vel Nine is a wholesome experience. 

Those tapped in can feel the warmth and loving embrace she shares with those around her. To have others feel your cordiality/down-to-earth nature and personal compassion through music is no easy feat. Yet, Velly Vel never ceases to amaze and does so with genuine grace.

Many Talents Under One Roof

Her beauty is actually intimidating. At the July 2021 Top Shelf Premium Supply & Demand show – we had the privilege of meeting individuals like Sadhu Gold, THERAVADA, 1000Words, Starker, YL, Zoomo etc. We tend to avoid the starstruck nature of interactions due to the fact that we are all humans who eat, breathe and sleep the same way.

It was just something different about when we tried to hand the Zine we made to Vel the Wonder. So yes we are not afraid to admit that we froze up within feet of Vel Nine while she was buzzing around her merch stand. 

Regardless, her latest project Freakjet is downright outstanding. It has just the right blend of upbeat, catchy and sentimental tracks. Us personally, we are a fan of the samples with soul that hit us right in the heartstrings. 

Sidebar: Skits on the ‘Freakjet’ project revolve around excerpts from the movie “Love & Basketball” and there are some baseball references too (League of their Own perhaps)


Zoomo is quite the producer for that exact theme as he will often find one word or phrase and let that serve as the basis for the entire beat structure. Then at the end, sporadically in the middle or even at the beginning he will play the entire phrase sequence to give the listener a better idea as to the source of that word loop. 

While Zoomo’s beats definitely have a theme – one thing you could never call them is repetitive! While beat structure in mainstream hip-hop regurgitates the same hi-hats, sounds and patterns – Zoomo always infuses something new. Whether that be different placement or rotating the parts where he draws emphasis – this man has really got something special in his repertoire(s).

Tracks We Can’t Stop Freaking To: 

Track 01 – This I Know 

This song hits us right in the solarplex sending heightened senses and goosebumps right down the spine. Zoomo sets the tone with that word loop combination that we mentioned earlier. Then you throw in the moment where Vel sings along with the words on the beat loop. SHEESH!

Flyest Quotes
“She from the Valley on the backstreet.”

“Zoning my moment. I’m close to bicoastal. I focus. I own it.”

Track 05 – Think it Over / Choosey

Another signature of Zoomo is his ability to split the track down the middle to pack two songs into one. Those who listen closely can tell that even though it’s almost as if there are two different tracks it is only one song due to the fact that each beat blends together terrifically. 

This is definitely one of those combo songs as the beat loop sounds like “& you were my first loveee & you are my future & you are my life.”

Flyest Quotes
“The thing about that action – think a lot and bring about that traction.”

“Whenever I feel lonely I think about my Dad. Dream about a pad. My team all has my back.”

“Time seems to overlap. And lately I been stuck on seeing things from out my bag.”

“Step outside and sip a drink up for my loved ones. Think about where would I be if I ain’t ever lost one.”

Track 08 – Big League Chew

This track seemingly welcomes us to the function that Vel is so graciously hosting. How wonderful. We are enamored. The words on this beat structure are more difficult to discern. Nevertheless, the flooring feeling of soul and serenity is there. Bravo Zoomo & of course the Vivacious Vel!

Flyest Quote
“How I took a leap off of fate, took grief off a plate, how I pulled the teeth off a snake.”

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