Hip-Hop as Sport – 5 Times Artists Got Bodied on their Own Song

There are many phenomena that occur within hip-hop encounters. We particularly enjoy the sample symptom, entendres, intersectionality of things that wouldn’t normally intertwine and some healthy competition.

Hip-hop exists on a gridiron by which individuals must sharpen their sword and stay ready to compete at any given moment. Today, it seems as if featured artists may make the whole song but of course that point of view is entirely subjective. 

What about the moment when a featured artist hops on the track and completely obliterates the artist hosting the session? There are few moves more disrespectful than absolutely bodying somebody on their own song. 

Here are the top five moments in hip-hop when the guest artist flipped the script and turned the song into their own.

5) Pharrell Ft. Lil Wayne – Pharrell is an outstanding producer and music mogul. Unfortunately, around the era this song came out – nobody was touching Lil Wayne. Weezy went scorched Earth on every track around this time whether it be ‘Yes’ ft. Lil Wayne or ‘Gettin Some’ Ft. Lil Wayne he was undeniably the best rapper alive. Wayne single-handedly elevated and originated mixtape culture as it became customary to drop mixtapes in between albums. His work with Gangsta Grillz, Empire Mixtapes and others brought hip-hop out of ‘Da Drought.’

4) Benny the Butcher ft. J Cole – Johnny P’s Caddy. While each artist spit notably strong verses J. Cole completely ate up this track. Benny the Butcher and Griselda Records pride themselves on grime + lyricism but they are still young guns. Cole the seasoned vet came in and took the entire track by storm. Very strong record.

Freestyles start @5:12

3) Crimeapple steals the thunder from Benny the Butcher. While performing a freestyle on a cold winter night in Hot 97 the newcomer Crimeapple had more to prove on this certain occasion. Benny the Butcher spit a strong freestyle and we are not taking anything away from him here. Crimeapple just happened to go a lil harder and really turned heads during this session. You know its real when the track requires rewind.

2) Renegade – Jay Z ft. Eminem. When it comes to this topic in particular almost everyone should directly recall the time when Eminem completely bodied Jay-Z on Hov’s own track. Eminem was ferocious during his heyday and it is evident through the cultural currency surrounds him. For instance, some of his song titles have contributed to entire words in the hip-hop dictionary such as Stan. And this moment in time is no different – he made time stand still and truly exhibited why hip-hop is identical to sport – on any given day any opponent can give you a run for your money.

1) Control – Big Sean ft. Kendrick Lamar – this verse captured the attention of the masses and completely shattered the hip-hop soundscape as we know it. By name-dropping all the emcees that can’t touch him – Kendrick set the bar unattainably high. The timing was great as well due to the fact that New York had fallen off the map heavily and he had just been passed the West Coast torch from the likes of Snoop, Game and Dre. 

Hip-hop artists pour their soul and shed blood, sweat and tears to compete. That is – if they are doing it correctly. Most know what is right and what is wack and everyone listed in this article will live on past their physical form. 

As far as we go – we are fresh and freaky funkadelic news that will continue to rock steady! Peace!

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