Long Live Officer Bob the Savior of Lil Wayne

Long live Officer Robert Hoobler. Better known to Lil Wayne as Uncle Bob – he was the only officer on duty that showed any regard for human life on the day Weezy tried to take his own life. 

Lil Wayne found a gun left behind by one of his mother’s friends and shot himself in the chest. Now, it is not clear if this was with suicidal intent or just by misfire. Regardless, the bullet went clean through his chest and came out his back without hitting any vital organs. 

As Jefferson Parish Officers stepped over Dwayne’s nearly lifeless body they exclaimed, “I found the guns! I found the drugs!” Officer Hoobler was the only one to protect and serve the precious life that lay before him. 

As Officer Bob stood 6”7 he quickly bent down to carry the “dying baby” in his arms and loaded him up into his police cruiser. While the other officers were deferred to the Ambulance that was on its way – Hoobler realized that more swift action must be enacted.

He raced to the ambulance – kicked down the doors – and demanded emergency activity be taken on the 12 year old Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. 

Pressure Makes Diamonds

What a life to have saved and what a troubled childhood that Wayne suffered through. By now, most true hip-hop connoisseurs have seen the Lil Wayne documentary where he proclaims that he tried mostly everything there is to try by age 11. 

It was right around that age that the drug dealer who supported Wayne and his single mother got shot. Wayne was then forced to put food on the table the only way he knew how in Holly Grove, Louisiana. He began to try and convince, “The old junkies that my crack ain’t soap” (Fly In – Carter II) 

Regardless, thank God for Officer Hoobler and his act of courage that day. What a life to have lived and what a duty that he served on that very day.

As time went on, Wayne made very generous offers to Hoobler given his insurmountable success in the music industry. 

Hoobler’s response: “I don’t want nothing. I just want to say I’m happy to see that I saved a life that mattered. I’m proud of what he’s done, But I would’ve done the same for the guy no one ever heard about again.”

Rest in Peace to Robert Hoobler who passed away at age 65 on July 25, 2022.

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