Westside Right on Time – A Fashion Interview

It is so important to pour energy into the people who reciprocate. While the artist journeys to the ultimate outlet of self-expression they can only reach so many people without a formula. Those who surround them help bolster their work ethic and possibility that something might catch. These individuals can propel an artist through uplifting interactions, passion and sparks of energy. 

I am more than happy to be the catalyst that gives others that extra push toward their dreams. Everyone knows in the pit of their stomach what they truly were put here to do. 

When more importantly, you become who you’re born to be

It seems as if many of us choose to be shy or introverted when in reality our work outshines our presence. Those who overcome their fears and push forth to the forefront can display themselves and their work in the brightest light. 

Maria Anderson is an individual who sources and makes [from scratch] some of the most comfortable body forming garments in the Upstate New York region. Her social presence is beginning to grow as she comes into her own and personifies the brilliance of her craft. 

We had a chance to sit down and discuss pieces of her process and shared a truly genuine conversation with this hilariously authentic woman.

Maria holds a special spot as the first guest to have stepped into the Fresh New Studio.

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