Spliff Meets Baby Nardwuar

The first job I ever had was at BJ’s Wholesale Club in Albany, NY. Similar to a Costco or Sam’s Club, this membership only bulk type of grocery store led me to meet some very interesting people. Namely, an individual named Divine who would always share stories about his interest in Supreme or the hip-hop endeavors he had in the works.

Spliff Intently Scans the Fresh New Zine Placed Into His Hands

From there, I went on to discover his underground hip-hop label – Vanity Thug Records. After taking a liking to the music – I continued to listen and tune in for new releases. The fact that Divine managed Smokepurpp and Lil Pump before they shot to stardom gave me the realization that this man had insight and wisdom beyond our age.

That was in the 2014 Tumblr and blog era. Fast forward to 2022 and we would like to think that our platform is dutifully fulfilling the role of an online blog despite the dominance of social media. Nowadays there are just more social vehicles and mediums by which to transmit meaningful messages.

The reason why this interview is so profound is because it broke ground on what we have set out to accomplish all along: Genuine reactions from underground hip-hop artists.

By compiling detailed research and seeking out information to the enth degree we are able to elicit desired responses via nuanced conversations. Without further adieu, behold the Spliff interview from the Beats & Eats event earlier this summer.

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