Tiona D Likes to Kick It & Harmonize

Have you ever gotten chills and goosebumps all @ once? One might streamline their process while others intertwine their laces the thickest way possible. Your life has meaning — it is so very fruitful. 

Truer words have never DRiPPED more iNTRiCATELY than the POETiC JUSTiCE DELiVERED by TiONA DENiECE. The FiRST Lady of Lord Mobb – TiONA D.

Go With What Gravitates

This woman sets the standard on its headtop and then acrobatically flips it into her own style. 

“Yes she sounds great & he writes well but who is that singing?”

That girl is Tiona. Throughout her Buffalo growth her family always encouraged the arts. When given the decision between musicals and plays at Studio Arena Community Theatre – guess which she chose? 

♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♩♪♫♬

A Huckleberry Finn production @ Big River really reciprocated the script flip. 

When you’re the one – everyone knows. 

Music transcends borders. And reverses generational trends. 

Outstanding Octaves

Word to Miss _____ who recognized that undeniable ability within a young TD and demanded different octaves. Now, we reap the rewards of her touching lower tone registries.

Tonal perception and vocal intonation throw that ‘standard’ for a doozie. A million men and women try to tap into the music industry. Many will make valiant efforts – few will break through.

Session Singing

Her trajectory bound to the galaxies..her personality illuminates joy within the entire room. It’s tough to match intellect with this bodacious vixen. 

Don’t get me wrong – Jennifer Hudson was spectacular. Just so happens that backgrounds vocals & session singing paid dividends and served as Tiona’s smooth backdoor entrance into the music industry. Overnight success where? A dozen years of trial&error brought her to this point.

Once you make that decision to become an artist – it is no longer about you. It is about your fans. No tip-toe Tiona straddles the line between personal infusion and serving her core audience loyally. 

Creatives never feel like they’re doing enough – and now we will never get the same feeling back as the first we heard Tiona bless the mic on Never Coming Home.

Embrace what you love about yourself. 

TD P.2 Sneaker View Soon Come

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