Tierra Whack Does Not Lack or Slack – Matter Fact – G.O.A.T. ?

Tierra is anything but Whack. This kaleidoscopic, radiant bundle of cosmic energy reigns from Philadelphia. Much like Meek Mill with the braids she came up through freestyle cyphers. Tierra prepared for her viral moment via poetry writing and lyrical practice. Therefore, when her virality took Philadelphia by storm – she aligned herself with what was meant to be.

As an extremely intriguing figure, Tierra Whack creates her own genre. Gone are the days of female artists being boxed in to simply one role. From the jump, she made a conscious decision to subvert any hypersexual behavior. Her outside-of-the-box thought processes/visuals and zaniness refute marginalization.

Her most renown project to date is ‘Whack World.’ It is a fifteen minute amalgamation of colors and visuals. The thing about its short runtime is that each song is only one minute long. This way she gives her audience a glimpse into her short attention span [ADHD] Basically, it is an incredibly immersive experience similar to a psychedelic trip.

Some people think Whack World might have been overlooked – notably by the Grammy’s. Some might believe that to be true in another sense – since Whack World dropped during the same Cruel Summer where G.O.O.D. Music dropped 5 projects in 5 weeks. But we think it deserves more praise! It is truly odd, surreal and refreshing – if you’re into that sort of thing.

As far as Tierra goes – she is such a spark plug. No smoke, no drink just downright originality. Also it is tough not to like someone who donates $100K to Philly school music programs via Vans Give a Band. It’s difficult to explain exactly what she’s like based upon Internet search but it seems like she has fostered many friendships – specifically in fashion.

Captured from TW x Adobe

Her live vitality and hyperbolic ways often bring rejuvenating ideas to the forefront. Her creative partnership with Adult Swim and Adobe are just a couple examples. She is also the Creative Director for Piercing Pagoda. Being sociable, observant and unique can carry an individual a long way.

Tierra creates from such an organic place. She is in a great space right now with Jody Gerson UMG Publishing and Interscope Records for distribution. With humor as a coping mechanism & surrealism to stimulate your mind this woman lets authenticity serve as her superpower. Without a doubt – this imaginative supernova will get her Grammy in due time.


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