Four More from Che Noir

A person can be defined by the types of questions they ask. An artist can be defined by the amount of times you have to rewind their song. As a person, do all that you can to discover information before you extend an olive branch to ask for help. That way, you ensure that your question and respective response is worthwhile.

Food For Thought

We’re not quite sure where Buffalo keeps plucking these different heavy hitter spitters from. Seemingly, everyone who receives a coveted placement on a Griselda Records affiliated track deserves a rewind. The difference between these Buffalo Kids and the rest is their downright humility. 

Michelle, Claire, Liz, Drumwork, Soprano, Griselda

Every individual incorporated within the multiplex that is Griselda Records goes through layered music release patterns. The content receives tuning, polish, packaging and promotion. Che Noir’s music really drives home the intensity of her chosen sonics. 

First Song (2016)

It is downright magnificent to witness these artists couple words, schemes and multisyllabic patterns then just sit back, display humility and even raw shyness in their body language.

Her mother would impart wisdom upon Che at a very impressionable age. As time passed, these worldly gems began to stick to her ribs and the craft-sharpening accelerated. One of her first sold-out show checks went directly into studio equipment. As she continued to elevate, this buttery-smooth lyricist realized that the work she put in on her own could finally mesh with some legitimate colleagues. 

A trend that we continue to hear about deals with the increasingly timid nature of individuals. Che admitted herself that she had to shake the shyness off and pump her own brand heavily. Conquering interviews, freestyles, podcasts and most importantly booth work separates this quiet one who lets the bars holler loudest.

Certainly, everyone in the session believes in themselves but after these artists finish freestyling it is difficult for the audience to comprehend exactly what just took place.


Che Noir is the most interwoven Shea Butter Queen and a true testament to Buffalo legend DJ Shay. DJ Shay was one of the few engineers who refused to let emcee Che punch in. A lot of times artists will only rap up until a certain point – take a break – then punch in when they’re ready to rhyme again. 

DJ Shay from around the way provided some of the fondest recording memories for Che Noir and several Buffalo members of the Griselda camp. His presence and ability to instill work ethic, confidence and skills specific to an artist speak volumes. Much of the reason why Che has great breath control, transitions and poised punchline timing can be attributed to DJ Shay.

The most intriguing facet of Griselda and Che Noir in unison is their copious focus upon the artwork. Music is meant to elicit so many emotions, notably it is supposed to be timeless.

“Humans are judged by their outcomes.” 

AA Rashid

The artwork for Che Noir’s project “The Thrill of the Hunt” series gives medieval behemoth vibes. It exists within the realm of David & Goliath or Attilla the Hun. She actually built the entire project around the artwork from top down. The wordplay drives the art which extends the marketing as it all operates in a cyclical nature. Che is not selling her body or her image rather she is selling an experience gleaned from carefully-sculpted verses and evocative cover artwork. 

At first, you just want to drop the content. Get it out. Going through the process makes one realize full potential can be reached through patience and steady momentum. Che Noir’s work with 38 Spesh has put her in a sweet spot where she doesn’t need to drop as soon as she records. Rather, she fits right into the circumstance where art and poetic movements lead to immaculate timing and wondrous works of discography.

“Its all about your body language and learn to spell your ABCs.” 

This simplistic line builds up a stellar stanza. Are you sturdy enough? Do you personify greatness? Are you outwardly social enough? 

“Not equivalent to these ******* not bout they benjamins get my dividends up.”

This line isn’t particularly witty or clever. The reason why it made the Core 4 from Che Noir is because she delivered it with a Big Pun Little Italy type syllabic combination.

“Took my pain wrote on a page and made a Shakespeare” [Praises]

Alas, a real Bill Shakespeare (R.I.P. Chris Farley) you weren’t using that paper for writing…

“Never kept they word they expose themselves by their memory.” [Praises]

This line symbolizes nostalgia and perspective. It can be interpreted so many different ways. We took it as a nod to the notion that memories are the longest lasting moments in your own mind. People come and go…this pen will live forever.

“We playing chess it’s hard to move til you find a Queen.” [Dying Breed]

If this isn’t the most pure line you will hear..🔁


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