7XVETHEGENIUS – Buffalo Wordsmith

Any person that encounters a creative jolt must act upon that energy in order to create. All the while, it seems like female creatives only break through the barriers of the music industry when they sell their bodies. One woman from Buffalo – 7vethegenius – whos name is stylized 7xve for Love remains steadfast in letting her wordplay do the talking.

Coming from the depths of rough&tumble Buffalo, NY – this emcee was sheltered from a lot of the nonsense growing up. No two ways about it – she definitely saw her fair share of the scenes her Drumwork Records labelmate Conway the Machine depicts. Growing up in the area made her mom hypervigilant and often led them to take part in things like plays or museums to shield themselves.

Pivotal values instilled in 7xvethegenius from a young age drove her to question everything. 

“I really just want people to understand that because you come from somewhere, you don’t have to stay there mentally. I’m not trying to glorify anything but hope…”


Being exposed to nontraditional opportunities early on led to a great deal of self-actualization. Not simply accepting the status quo led this woman to shift her career trajectory from coding and IT work to that of a cunning linguist. With her tongue as mighty as her sword there is no hiccup or handicap in the lyrical prowess and delivery. 

7xve is one of the several powerhouse women under the Griselda Records imprint. She proves that women can achieve success in the music industry without being overtly sexual. Rather, she flips the power dynamic of being a sex symbol much like Lil Kim and utilizes it as leverage. 

If Peter Piper Pecked Em – I Bet You Benny Bucked Em

Rather than pushing her sexuality to the extreme, 7xvethegenius puts that card in her back pocket. That way, she ensures that she receives recognition for her talent and sharp skills.

Being around the way from Benny the Butcher and Conway the Machine led her to share DJ Shay studio sessions with the two as early as twelve years old. During that time, 7xve a.k.a Platinum treated rap much like a childhood game of hide-n-seek or “Doctor.” 

Throughout the years, she continued to see the world and discover herself, Much of that led her to question why we simply accept things for being the way they are. For instance, why is a door shape universally accepted as a long rectangle?


What people find as challenging – 7xve finds as comfort. She finds comfort in the struggle, excitement in the challenges and jubilation in vulnerability. She is gassed by herself and about herself. This woman is a true testament that blind faith and good intentions combine for an incredible result.

While she was exploring, questioning and even storming Bad Boy Records for a meeting – she maintained a connection with Griselda Records. Conway the Machine was looking to work with Jae Skeese and 7xve provided an olive branch by which all three found connection. From there, the work accelerated and each artist signed to Drumwork Records.

Nowadays, 7xve has a few mixtapes out but does not feel anywhere near established. She finds it difficult to sit on new material – but ultimately her release dates are handled by label management.

Much like Kendrick sat on the Duckworth story (Top Dawg v. Kendrick’s Dad) Conway sat on his debut album for nearly four years before release.

To 7xve – stay patient, stay ferocious and keep doing what you love to do! 


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