Beats & Eats Vol. 2 [ALB. RIVERFRONT]

High tides lift all boats. As the dough steady rises, the crème-de-la-cream is born and bred within 5ifth Place. Oftentimes, it takes attempts and realizations to understand the strength of your being.


With that being said, 5ifth Place functions as a lifestyle that has established its footing and ups the pace with every stride. As they continues to put on spectacular events within the Albany area we will continue to attend and report back for you – the reader- to enjoy.

Conversation Excerpts

“It’s like being able to have a fire-ass picnic on the City of Albany’s dime.” 

“You have to put me onto that Web3 beat-making NFT space.”

“V3X has a hit with “5tr4wb3rry K15535”. Looking at it from an industry standpoint – she already has a dance for it – would be interesting to see if a dance caught on to the song.”

“I can’t help but laugh at things like talent shows. Everything is more funny when you’re supposed to be serious.”

“All my friends do is sit around and smoke. I’ve been looking for something like this to spread my wings and collaborate with other fly individuals.”

Certainly, Drew and his well-composed 5ifth Place crew did not disappoint with Volume 2. This time around, the open air and wide open space brought about a whole different element. 

Basketball hoops, pool tables, sofas, food/dessert/drink stands and clothing racks all embarked upon the perimeter. In the back there was a mini car show with souped up rides displaying their intricate interior renovations. 

Everybody shines with their own gleam and glisten. Al Ketta really outdid himself during this outing. He specializes in car customizations and was responsible for many of the infrared beams, recess lowerings, Nintendo connectivity and complex inner-workings of the vehicles that pulled up to Beats & Eats Vol. 2.

We also ran into Sol Reavs from Revis Island! This moment was monumental as he shared the highest common interest of podcasting/interviewing. Brainstorm movements were certainly put into rotation.

Many pedestrians amidst the Albany Skyway walked above and stopped to spark their intrigue about what was going on. Keep in mind this is the first time the Riverfront space has been properly utilized for the public!

Full-circle movements, smiles, revelations and downright joy is what 5ifth Place brings to the Capital Region. By all means, sign us up.

V3X bop
Run it back (2x!)

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