The Other America [BROOKLYN]

Faith resides within familiarity. Strength is garnered from discomfort. Somewhere in between, we balance our experiences with what drives us toward new heights. 

Sampling is an art that Kahlil Lashley infuses so well. 

Sampling /ˈsamp(ə)liNG/


the process of extracting the jeen-yuhs of an artist, integrating your own style, and producing new life

Kahlil tapped deep within his bag on Juneteenth weekend and put together an incredible event. The Other America: An Exhibition of Samples was free to attend and brought out some legitimately elegant individuals. 

Fresh News Now thoroughly enjoyed being on the scene and chopping it up with some Syracuse characters we haven’t encountered in 5+ years. 

Kahlil was kind enough to speak about his processes and what he has in store for the future of his elaborate artwork.

0:54 Architectural Background 01:42 What does CFC stand for? 02:12 Hebru Brantley & Virgil Abloh influence 02:30 Black Boy Fly by Kendrick Lamar 02:58 Black Star Marcus Garvey 04:08 Art as Life Form 04:30 Color 06:37 Between the Margins 07:40 K Lil Process 08:12 Unfinished Business


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