Prodigy’s Final Gift

God doesn’t make mistakes. When certain things happen in life you can either fold or embolden. Fight or flight. Grow through what you go through. Stronger longer. Longevity and humility go hand in hand. There is no better example of that than Prodigy’s chosen one – Flee Lord. 

Respected like Sonny from Bronx Tale, Flee Lord learned the ropes early. Losing his mother at age eleven to drug violence hardened his exterior and led him to become the man of the house since Pops was always getting high. The first time they met, Prodigy held him down and held his weapon. Days later, several affiliates of Flee Lord went away to be incarcerated. 

‘Flee, you dropping too much.’ But I don’t give a **** what anyone says. I’m just gonna keep putting music out, because this is all I do—this is all I have.”

Years later, Prodigy’s leg began to swell up due to a sickle-cell attack. In the hospital, Flee Lord exchanged pleasantries with Westside Gunn and Conway who were there visiting P. The Shook Ones star gave each of them his blessing and encouraged their collaboration before his passing. 

God rest the dead – Prodigy of Mobb Deep – 11/02/1974 – 06/20/2017 – the artist who laid the meanest opening lines you will ever hear. The illest zig when others zag. Trendsetter, boy genius, what Kriss Kross could never be & on & on.

After several freestyle cyphers at the afterhours spot Heathers, Prodigy encouraged Flee Lord to take hip-hop seriously. There are so many characteristics that comprise an artist. That goes for how you speak to one another. Details matter. Flee Lord is great because he fine-tunes and sharpens every step of the way.

The flee lingo was born with Lord Mobb being the collective. Members of Flee Lord’s hip-hop army do not belittle while speaking – rather they uplift, empower and highly praise one another by referring to each other as Lord.

LORD = Loyalty or Death WOE = Work Over Everything

When Flee Lord Delgado put out his first project – he received 100,000 streams or so. He wasn’t having it and wanted to go back to the street life. Blessings from the likes of Meyhem Lauren and Roc Marciano gave him the willpower to carry on tradition. 

One of the strongest gems Prodigy imparted upon Flee was the fact that not everything has to rhyme while being written. P let Flee know early on to just write it all down how you feel in the moment then go back and revise it to rhyme scheme. 

Outro – Our Favorite Fleengo

“Lemme borrow that Tesla belovie”

Anything to do with margarine

“Rap is archaeology”

“Words in my ledger gonna resonate forever.”



Sonny Cordova

Indeed, Flee Lord Delgado cannot be minimized with the work he has put in. 2 projects in 2017 2 projects in 2018 & 12 projects in 2020. Who else is working like that?

The Stock Exchange, Lincoln Center, Air Sea & Cadogan Tate weren’t cutting it.

How about Pete Rock, Buckwild, DJ Muggs, DJ Shay & Havoc projects? That’ll play.

—Final Gems—

Constructive criticism conquers challenges.

Reciprocation of energy rules.

Observe who you cross paths with (For Flee it was Stack Bundlez, Chinx, Prodigy)

Adopt and adapt your unique blueprint.


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