R&B Jozzy Signs to LOVE Records

In 2017, P. Diddy rebranded himself as “Brother Love.” How much love he spreads around is solely his business, but as far as the music we know this man doesn’t miss. Recently, he started his own label called, “Love Records” in partnership with Motown Records.

At the Billboard Music Awards he announced the backbone of his new company – an artist by the name of Jozzy. Jocelyn Donald a.k.a Jozzy came up in the industry through songwriting. She wrote hooks at The Trap House Studio which helped propel her out of Memphis and into the limelight.

A Descendent of Stax Records

The moment that really catapulted her into elite company came via Wizdom – Timbaland’s protege. The moment she got into a room with Timbaland she proved herself mightily and continued to elevate. 

Missy Elliot sat her down and explained that in order to do her own thing she really had to bust her hump and work tirelessly. It was also Missy that encouraged her to go solo when prospects started drying up and people continuously refused her songs. 

The pivotal turning point in her career came when she wrote Billy Ray Cyrus’ verse for the Old Town Road Remix. The song stayed at #1 for 19 weeks and went 16x multi-platinum. It was a shock for many to hear BRCyrus talking about Fendi sports bras and kickin back. Now you know where the lyrics came from – Jozzy a.k.a the female Biggie per P. Diddy.

Is Signing to Diddy the Smartest Move?

Clearly, nobody will ever measure up to the likes of Biggie but it is high praise coming from one of the most powerful moguls in the hip-hop industry. The question is – will Love Records obey business ethics and pay their artists what they are owed this time around? 

We all know Bad Boy Records did not exactly garner the strongest reputation or rapport with their signees. Not to mention – a good majority of the artists turned to God after dealing with some of the devil sh*t they experienced from the likes of one of the most powerful men on the planet.

That is neither here nor there. Lest we forget Diddy’s incredible ear for talent. Diddy discovered the group Total, Faith Evans, Ma$e, The Dream, Cassie and of course Biggie Smalls. From his show, Making the Band – Danity Kane proved to make quite the splash in the industry as well.

Less Talk More Hits

As far as Jozzy goes – she is authentic, grounded and pure. She preaches that the music business is 40% studio time and 60% networking. The fact that nobody looks or dresses like her gave her a differentiating factor when she would network in Miami clubs. She spent a good deal of time in the club so that her name would start swirling in social circles.

Sure, your work must be solid ground for you to stand on. From there, word-of-mouth travels faster and with more impact so that is why she continued to network and show out in areas where influential people gathered. 

Working For Free Brings Dividends

Code Red with Monica really molded her for the industry as she practically A&R’d the entire project and learned a great deal from the process. She understands that this is all a business and does not allow herself to get personally attached to any of her work. Clearly, she has personified that lack of attachment as the artists who perform her verses receive the bulk of the public praise.

She has her own interview smoking show on Youtube called “Joints with Jozzy” where she exhibits her brash bravado and poised personality. She also stresses the point that there is a fine line between R&B and Neo-Soul. She is here to put forth songs that embody the Rhythm & Blues in the form of moments and experiences – not just songs. 

Make sure to tap into Jozzy’s discography and stay in tune for what she has to offer as an early member of Love Records.

There is a difference between being comfortable and being complacent. Those who know themselves and their worth fit right into where they belong. FreshNewsNow is comfortable with its standing in the music industry knowing damn well it is on the outside. 

We are not looking in though because we want no parts of that evil cut-throat business. There are some power structures and human behaviors that change individuals forever. Make no bones about it, we push ourselves to the full capacity of our potential but we are firmly comfortable in this niche we have built.


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