Port of Albany

“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”


New York exists as arguably the most progressive state in the country. Given the fact that a Democrat is in office – it only makes sense that all the forward-thinking climate change initiatives are being approved. These types of initiatives often gain momentum only to be halted as the 4-8 year seesaw hems and haws.

Alas, the Port of Albany has made a resurgence. Together with Sunrise Wind, Ørsted & Eversource, Upstate NY is determined to capture offshore wind and turn it into economic growth. Offshore wind will lead to economic development via an influx of over 1,000 jobs.

This operation sources large steel fabricator components and solar energy to address occupational supply gaps. Word is: Sunrise Wind will generate enough clean energy by end of Q4 2022 to power over 600K houses.

With all these synergies and strategies just now being put into motion – this begs the question: Are we really as advanced as a civilization as we think? 

A woman named Hadiyah Nicole Green has found a way to eliminate cancer in mice trials with laser technology. Will her work ever see the light of day?

Ultimately, solar could have been accomplished in the 1980s. As a general people, We do not wish to revolutionize the path of evolution to make our planet better for the next ones to inhabit it. We only wish to _______


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