Circular Econ. Turns Plastic into 3D Filament

My father always told me to trust the wisdom of the circle. Ending is beginning. Round and round. Hence the concept of a circular economy gives processes a way to cycle through their lifespan without contributing waste. 

One of the coolest gadgets to serve as a catalyst for the circular economy is called a polyformer. This L-shaped device turns plastic into 3D printing filament. Made of 3D printed parts, the stacked bearings provide a modular slicing tool which cuts plastic into continuous ribbons.

The concept of a circular economies derives from holistic approaches. With ideal spatial location, the object permanence of 3D printed devices simply lasts longer. The take-make-waste module is played out. Open source materials that operate within the circular economy make at home production much more plausible.

The infinite loop of this conceptual decentralized system greatly outweighs wasteful predecessors. It relieves the pain points of consumers and producers with its framework loops. All in all, a circular economy is resilient, dynamic and symbiotic.

Produce more than you consume. Work smarter. Always.


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