Insurrection Hearing Recap

Primetime television saw raw footage from the January 6th insurrection last week. The second of three proceedings will take place June 13th in the A.M. Politics aside, this is an historical event that is important to report. 

This 1814 drawing depicts the ruins of the U.S. Capitol after the British burned it. Visible in this image is the fire damage to the Senate and House wings, the damaged colonnade in the House of Representatives (shored up with firewood to prevent its collapse), and the gutted shell of the rotunda with facade and roof missing (Library of Congress)

Here are some impartial takeaways from the hearing:

  • Dr. Eastman was one of the only people who agreed to go through with the plan
  • The plan allegedly involved seizing voting machines, inserting new electoral slates & casting recount 
  • Members of the Proud Boys established armed quick reaction areas @ perimeters of state capitol near Virginia (in case of invoked Insurrection Act)
  • An Arizona sector of the Proud Boys wearing orange made an appearance & helped scan the Capitol for weaknesses prior to launching attack at Peace Circle
  • Joseph Biggs [PB] led an attack on female police officer Caroline Edwards who got knocked down by a bike rack, hit her chin on a railing and clipped the back of her head on concrete step (helped hold the line, offer medical after regaining consciousness)

UNBIASED OPINION: It is still very early in the proceedings but damning evidence has already been presented. Regardless, it will be interesting to see each piece of evidence that will be admitted. Far from a peaceful protest, dustups or tourism these premeditated ‘protests’ and their roots are starting to come into the public light.

Trump may or may not have to testify and is slippery enough to wiggle his way from this scenario. Money talks and this is not the first debacle Trump has dealt with. A primetime slam for the offense aired last week, when will the defense speak? 

Keep it locked as the air clears and the breadth of Fresh Heir reigns amongst longitude, latitude & altitude.


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