Uvalde’s Missing Links

Nonsense being spewed down the pipeline cannot be consumed. Free thinkers are the bane of the establishment’s existence. There are those that believe the spoonfed nonsense and think, “What is happening to our country?”

UPDATE: Uvalde had an artificial intelligence service called, “Social Sentinel” that monitored all social media posts. It is so advanced that it can sense negative intent without keywords.

You would think Ramos’ multiple rape/murder threats on Yubo might have set off a Social Sentinel alert

How do you succeed in reaching the masses? Dumb it down so that everyone can understand it. Because the reality of it is, many people are not intellectual enough to think critically. 

It is a shame that mass shootings take place. This article is not meant to downplay the very real pain that families feel as a byproduct. It is a damn shame that more people do not look through a critical lens when these types of events happen – they go straight to the extreme. 

Timing is everything. The Uvalde shooting is very much like the Mandalay Bay shooting due to the fact that there are many missing links. Conflicting stories and heinous actions without explanation. 

A police officers job is to protect and serve. Lay their life on the line for the greater good. Yet, they maced, tasered and arrested parents who tried to do their job for them while standing guard outside for 45 minutes. They left their radios at the station and Arredondo claimed he did not know he was in charge.

Ramos shot his grandmother and fled the scene. That elicited a BOLO – Be On The Lookout for that vehicle. Once he arrived near Robb Elementary he crashed his truck so hard that the wheel fell off. 

He then traveled a great distance toward the school with his Daniel Defense rifle in hand. An eighteen year old working fast food could afford two brand new rifles, body armor, optics, additional ammo/magazines the newest iPhone and a fully loaded F250 pickup truck…

Elementary schools are always locked. The door just happened to be ajar. Border Patrol Agents are the ones who took the shooter down.

The woman who got handcuffed, convinced officers to uncuff and then saved her two children was attempted to be silenced. Police officers threatened to violate her probation if she spoke out. After a judge assured her she would not be violated and informed her she was a hero she spoke out. Is her interview getting news coverage?

Note the video date: May 3, 2018

Yes. It seems like quite the stretch but everything in this country is systematically designed one way or another. There are some sick tickets in the world and none more twisted than the elite. Don’t put it past them to push their agenda by any means possible.


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