5 Prolific Yeezy Patents

When Kanye embarked upon his journey from Chicago to New York he began movements that would change the world. You either love or hate the self-proclaimed genius but it is tough to deny that he exists as a pioneering trailblazer.

A human life is only so important insofar that it affects a permanent impact unto all other lives. Clearly, Kanye is on some next level prowess and plays a revolutionary long game.

While your newsfeed was inundated with tabloid nonsense about the breakup – Ye continued to iterate. The amazing part about someone who has found the Lord in many endeavors is that they cannot be swayed. They cannot be broken or knocked off of their divine path. This man will change the way the music industry operates with his inventions and creative mastermind.

Ideation v. Iteration

Clearly, Kanye comes up with brilliant mechanisms to break ground and break the chains from the necks of his people. His ideation strikes a permanent chord when he utilizes his affordances and bucks the trend. Alas, the iteration factor cannot be underplayed. 

The word iterate is neck and neck with the word repetition. Basically, if all else fails – iterate. Stick to your strengths and do what you know you are destined to do.

Everyone has a gift within their core – it takes the proper balance and surroundings to truly lean into it over and over again like it was your first time. 

After his presidential run, Kanye could be holding anything up his sleeve. Timing is paramount in any era so only time will tell what is next.

One thing about a narcissist is that they will find a way to remain relevant and newsworthy. Undoubtedly so, Kanye will continue to make waves in the entertainment industry. 

Already reeling in two high profile athletes Jaylen Brown and Aaron Donald – DONDA Sports will become prominent. Amusement parks and NFTs soon come from the Yeezy camp too.

It is downright magnificent to witness greatness and how many different areas this man has holdings within. His company Mascotte Holdings exists globally and will disrupt the nature of the status quo. 

Regret is not important – what matters is how you affect change between the margins. And did you keep it fresh? 


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