5 On It Ft. 5ifth Pl. RapDillz & V3X

Version One [05/28/22] [IN:FL A.M.]

Population density determines the extent or extension of your reach. By all means, participatory events take place at establishments within all countries. It is just that there is a certain intimacy that underlies this type of event. 

The Listening Party

Familiarizing with self&surroundings will considerably boost the experience. Much like mango, the sweetest part about supporting local resides within the locality. Furthermore, it is rare to witness space for interpretation.

Caviar provided beats & RapDillz provided the space. 5ifth Place brought the food, merchandise platform and the facilitation flowed smoothly.

This video contains the hit song, “5tr4wb3rry K15535”

There is no doubt that everyone demonstrably exhibited greatness. Each and every individual stood front row into what transformed to a cypher circle. They were gathering ’round for V3X and Spliff. Each of them spit songs that had a certain bop to them.

Version Two Written [05/29/22] [60:0D A.M.]

There is something about a function that brings about clairvoyance. Being outside, bouncing between patio & studio really exhibited a fly time. The amount of free-thinking individuals that gathered in one area proved to be astounding.

Listening parties provide redeeming value through intimate settings. Granted, the DJ’s job is to host a party as an emcee or Master of Ceremonies. In this environment, producers played various beats that elicited multitudes of wavelengths.

Whether you were networking, rapping over beats or supporting your friends – people enjoyed themselves. Essentially, many local businesses managed to meet their marks from Beats & Eats.

The eats included treats from Judy’s Body Butter. It is easy to acknowledge when individuals spend time planning and orchestrating for an event. Collaboration and consideration are worthy of cherish.

The best part about this entire event is that this only Vol.1

Furthermore, each artist that performed will also be dropping interviews with extraordinarily unpredictable footage.

Stay tuned as Fresh News Now has relocated to the East Coast and continues to discover movements that operate closely and on similar frequencies.


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