Tems is the Black Adele

The strength that resides within patience will never be underestimated. Things worth obtaining will never come easy as shortcuts cannot yield success. It is difficult to persevere at times this but those who truly stay loyal to self will prevail.

[T]h[E] Crown is [M][i]ne

There is no greater example of spiritual obedience to calling than Temilade ‘ Tems’ ‘ Openiyi. Without avail, her voice transcends magnitudes, generations, mountaintops you name it. Her omnipresence and downright discipline toward craft significantly separates her above the rest.

Tems Produced 85% of this EP

Making quick company, this woman traversed to the top within months. Seemingly forced to go to uni, this one and done left a life of Economics in favor of what she calls “her life.” Indeed, life could all be so simple and she decided to pursue her path in the gentlest most genuine manner.

After floating some feelers at uni, people received her music well enough to rake up 200K views on a whim with the track Mr. Rebel. Shortly thereafter, those enamored with Tems from the jump felt rebellious, expressive and free.


For a minute, she grew tired of asking for favors. Self-actualization stems from a firm grasp of gift and clear vision. By teaching herself how to produce, Tems opened many doors. Deriving from a music background, her brother would play guitar and she would freestyle as youngers. 

School choir and the ability to play the piano formed the byproduct of God’s omnipotence. The reason I compare Tems to a college basketball player is because it took a year at uni to realize how self-reliant she could grow to be.

You have heard of her through Essence, Free Mind perhaps on Drake’s latest album? Regardless, her most incredible work comes from freestyle as she does not write.

This exact song was sampled for Future’s “Wait For U”

It is downright magnificent to witness her glow up into the limelight. Seemingly soaring within three years, her voice moves individuals to geographical lengths. She refuses to hop on a track if it does not have that ‘Tems’ factor.

Her ability to produce & add that touch of flavor/twang differentiates her persona entirely. Entering the game already on LeBron mode, this woman exists on Rihanna level and it is vividly wondrous.

When you truly tap into the soul of a Tems – phenomenal Nigerian woman – you realize that fear is imaginary.

Why waste your imagination on the worst possible outcomes when life carries much less weight and much more possibilities than the eye is trained to see.

She feels things deeply, transforms her sound into self and releases absolute monstrosities when it comes to depth and breadth of tune. 


She grew to love Beyonce since the days Pepsi Countdown. While enduring much hardships at the hands of her peers, she grew isolated and would hum tunes. The in-class hum led directly to her only educational enjoyment coming from enjoyable escape gained in the music room.

As she ultimately listened to her parents, the discipline instilled in her paid dividends. While studying, she grew aware of what she was divinely chosen to do. Nowadays, her songs transcend time, space and location. She pours her all into her team and her efforts and God anoints her.




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