magnolia pt. 2

Everything remains reliant upon perspective and absolute viewpoints. Do you view matters in absolutes such as black and white without any in between grey matter? Depending upon how you slice it, the world continues to either evolve or develop ways to keep us sedentary. No matter what, it is clear that nature ran its course these past few years.

The beauty of language resides within contextual clues. Those who choose to think for themselves and read between the lines will always pursue the path aligned for them. Does a greater spiritual being predestined to our species design us? Your call.

Regardless, everyone in this world designs themselves around the gift within their core. We all have something special to offer – it is your job to dig deeper and lean into whatever that may be.

While this brief excerpt was intended to spark creativity – do not let work become synonymous with shortcuts. Nothing in this world will land in your lap through cutting corners or handouts. Value will always be earned through experiential teaching.



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