New View Voice & Version [Breaks 4th Wall]

At what point in time will everything that capitalizes from watered down versions of the truth fail to prevail? In essence, universal language sticks to the point. Yet, people refuse to pay attention to the chronology by which popular culture current events occur. Point being, not enough citizens strive for complete ownership.

DYGoogles & READ

If you have followed our short, sweet, discrete website you know that we pronounce ourselves as owners. Brother Malcolm did not receive enough ears in regards to becoming the master of your own domain. If only it were truly possible to validate biblical age texts for what took place 6600 years ago with Jacob in the Caucus Mts..

Without a doubt, solidification of self begins with credit. Are you accountable with your hardships? Do you address flaws, guilt, grief head on and speak about issues? Are you accredited to own and invest into streams that appreciate with value? 

Secondly, do you realize the incredibly habitual nature of human existence? Build your routines, eat clean, go outside, move and continue to explore. Change locations, build, create, iterate. Whatever you do, never use words that are too big for people to understand. Because I nearly just tried to combine placate and complacent in a sentence.

Real ones know about the BARS! YKTV

[Warning: FNN may try to write blogs as if they were lyrics]

As FNN begins to open up in more directions, it is important to unmask the author.

For the longest time, we chose to conceal identity alla Ghostface Killah the Houdini himself. 

Certainly, any avid researcher/listener that taps in through Google search could piece it together. 

Without giving my government out plain and simple – it is great to finally meet the readers. 

The Bottom Line

How simple is ownership? No cliche rings truer than LOCATION(x3) There are a few simple considerations to make when you wish to purchase property. Factor in: state taxes, coding, ordinances, zoning and you probably begin to think its a headache?

Of course it is! You should never feel comfortable if you are truly extending the limits of your potential. 

Think about the type of property – let’s elect to say you won’t set up the next roller skating rink in your city. Perhaps, you purchase an old office building that happens to be in a residential area?

Finally, understand that different states will have different levels of oversight and requirements to meet if you choose to invest in a property that requires remodeling. The key is to scrape through the listings to find a livable property that you can fix up while utilizing space. 

The difference is in the details and ultimately with any reward you must take risk and execute with timeliness. It helps to have people that know what they’re doing and can lend a hand for modest amounts at a time. 

Regardless, we hoped you enjoyed a new infusion of personality and a tone of digital voice that might or might not be taken again until

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