Festival Interview Archive: Chef Louis Food Truck

Early Tuesday morning – event organizers, assistants, participants, photographers and coverage citizens all awoke bright and early to gather for The Wright Life Columbus, Ohio Food & Wine Festival Media Day. 

The birds were chirping, fitness freaks were getting a morning sweat on and conversations took place galore. What better place to have an official media day for the event then right in front of the Goodale Park pillars.

Without further adieu, here is the conversation that took place between Chef Louis’s extraordinaires and the Wordsmith from The Wright Life in Columbus, Ohio.

Intros & Backgrounds

Fresh News Now: Good Morning guys, I am Ian Romaker with The Wright Life. If you just want to introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your brand. 

Chef Louis: My name is Christian Toliver I am the second chef on the Chef Louis food truck. My background – I have cheffed at the Convention Center, The Marriott in Downtown Columbus, couple Doubletrees and I have been to Boston a few times for Comic Con. This is just what we do – we’re excited to be here. [Next to me] this is my longtime friend and business partner, Mario.

Ian and Mario conversate about upcoming event

FNN: How y’all doing today my name is Mario Crumpler – I am the owner of the Chef Louis food truck. We just started this business two and a half months ago. My chef friend Chris, he’s been the chef for over 15 years and we decided to get together. We played football & basketball together so we know what it takes as a team to get the job done and how to do it right. We’re just excited to be able to be part of this and show our expertise.

CL: So we’ll be doing a Chef Louis food truck. We try to bring that restaurant food quality and have it on our truck. 

FNN: No doubt! 

CL: Just something that everybody can enjoy.

FNN: Absolutely!

CL: Multi-faceted. so it’s just not one thing on one truck right? It’s gonna be something everybody can enjoy.

Specific Food Dishes on Hand

FNN: Right so versus the whole master of many trades, jack of one – what is your specialty?

CL: I believe I could do everything equally. But I do love Italian food, Asian, Mediterranenan. Those are some of the cuisines I was brought up over from different chefs I’ve learned under.

FNN: Okay! 

CL: So it’s a different mix, man. You never know what you’re going to get.

FNN: Yeah! I believe you’re going to be doing a demonstration for us as well. What might that entail?

CL: We’re going to do the chili knockouts which is a hybrid beef and sausage dog with a little chili on there – some cheese. And then we have the fish sub with lettuce, diced red onion, diced tomatoes and we got a nice cajun remoulade sauce that I think everyone will enjoy.

FNN: Very cool! It sounds like a very good blend. It sounds like Skyline doesn’t stand a chance.

Demonstration Details & Wine Pairings

CL: The true question is – who is going to be the lucky contestant who will be able to eat the food? 

FNN: Ohhh okay! Looking for volunteers?

CL: The Chili Knockout Challenge! 

FNN: Yeah so you got a lil something for the chili lovers, a little something for the pescatarian.

CL: Aw yeah.

FNN: All that. So, what wine might pair well with what you’re demonstrating.

CL: Some pinot grigios. Some sauvignon blancs, Chardonnays. So I got a demo here Saturday.

FNN: 6 P.M. correct?

3 gentleman share a genuine moment in front of Chef Louis food truck

CL: Yes. So I’ll be putting together some of those wines, maybe some salad dressing such as a champagne vinaigrette or something. 

FNN: Absolutely! For a little marinade.

CL: Yeah. So that’s going to be exciting.

Sensory Settings & Sports

FNN: So how might this experience contribute to a sensory evaluation? What senses are going to be heightened the most?

CL: Our food brings a lot of rather different flavors and cuisines to the table. The taste palette is going to be everywhere with our food. You will have a mix of everything. 

CL: It’s going to be like Handball – how the ball bounces all over the place. Keep hitting it because it’s going to be bouncing. That’s how the spices and tastes are going to be.

Ian seasons up the question while Chef Louis cooks up the answer

FNN: I like that. Handball, Hardball we’re out here. So, you guys said you grew up playing sports together. How does that chemistry translate to what we’re about to see on Saturday? 

CL: I have been in the business for a little while so you definitely have to be team oriented. 

CL: We know our positions so when you know your position and play your position well – usually your team has a good chance of winning.

FNN: You guys are down for the cause. I appreciate you. It looks like you’ve stayed down. You’ve put in your work, 10 toes down and now it’s your time to shine. 

CL: Yessir!
FNN: For your brand. Not for these hotels. For you guys bossing your life we really appreciate you two guys joining us.

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