March Madness Kitty Recap

With the National Championship approaching so soon, 2022 March Madness delineated the interwoven velvet makeup of blue collar basketball. Without a doubt, this year showcased top tier talent and parity. Ultimately, the best and most momentous team will claim the prize. Through longevity, endurance, consistency and timeliness one collegiate squad will emerge victorious.

They call it March Madness for a reason although this year the mania was minimal. A few top contenders exited early through the likes of upsets as per usual. The 5/12 matchup seems to have turned the tide of traditional odds. Throughout time, 12 seeds have a 35% winning percentage against 5 seeds. To that tune – Iowa fell victim to the likes of Richmond early.

If your bracket busted like Black Jack did you happen to think about what strategy you chose? Let’s explore some 1/2 comical//half legitimate ways:

  1. Location – East Coast West Coast Midwest South Paw? How about destination vacation? Color coordination? Take a wild shot, partner and reach for the sky the odds will never favor the small guy anyway! 
  2. Overall Body of Work: Who won the Maui Invitational? How many boards did Bacot pull down during the Phil Knight tourney? Think about size, skill speed and presence around the rim. 
  3. Recency Bias: Place value on Conference Tournament ? Total up significant wins and look for teams that have improved during the back half of the season.

While the SEC & Big Ten appeared to have the stronghold on the rankings throughout the regular season it was the ACC that emerged to be strongest this postseason. Miami FL, Duke & UNC all eclipsed the Elite Eight while the Big 12 and Big East sprinkled a few tangential runs. 

Hershey, PA – Sept 25: Lower Merion players celebrate basketball title at Hershey arena on [03/23/96] ag. Cathedral Prep 48-43. In back with arms up is Kobe Bryant. Front Row L Gregg Downerr, Center is Pennsylvania Lt. Governor Mark Schweiker Far R is Governor Tom Ridge. (Photo by Pete Bannan/MediaNews Group/Main Line Media News via Getty Images)

It is tough to discuss the ‘22 Madness without mentioning the latest blossoming Cinderella – St. Peters. The last loss they took was on February 20th to the Siena Saints of Upstate NY before dropping to North Carolina. Siena defeated SP twice as they swept the season series.

The most soft-spoken and confident young coach that shined was Shaheen Holloway. While he did not enjoy much success in the league as a player, he translated his uncanny ability to spread the wealth amongst teammates from the sidelines. 

In 1996, Holloway took the MVP for an unbelievable alley-oop pass and a total of six steals against the likes of Kobe Bryant, Jermaine O’Neal, Mike Bibby, Stephen Jackson and Rip Hamilton. 

A tournament victory nets each program about $2M’s. Holloway began the discussion of wealth distribution as the allocation of funds is divided evenly amongst all conference teams regardless of who caused the advancement. While moving the nameplate in the tournament provides great excitement, it also yields significant portions of revenue for universities. 

Holloway’s poise, against-all-odds mentality and the utmost instillment of confidence into his players represented composure and expertise beyond measure.

The infusion of union gave his squad quite the boost as they dethroned the likes of 2) seed Kentucky, 7) seed Murray St. and 3) seed Purdue. 

Wasting no time, Seton Hall (Holloway’s Alma mater) scooped Shaheen up as Head Coach. We patiently await the results and added strength to the likes of the Big East especially given the FNN blog’s recent relocation from the Midwest to the East Coast. 

It would be blatantly disrespectful to write a MadMania March recap without mentioning the Kitty.

A Kitty is another name for pool or bracket contest. It has been running since 1989 and carries the most incredible interface for any NCAA Basketball tournament contest. That sleek and squeaky hardwood reminiscent of John Wooden greatness can not be replicated or duplicated – only appreciated.

Nonetheless, two blue bloods meet in a battle of stealth and size. As most games do, rebounding will be the pivotal factor. Underneath Kansas has McCormack and Lightfoot while Carolina has Manek and Bacot. Bacot is a tenacious all-around rebounder while Manek can really stretch the defense from the perimeter. 

Each of these teams have star-studded casts complete with defensive specialists like Leeky Black and strikingly skilled guards such as Remy Martin. The man who has wowed all spectators is UNC’s Caleb Love – his ability to decipher the defense and make the most timely, clutch and game-clinching baskets might just give the Tar Heels the edge in this one. 

Tune in tomorrow and keep us in mind as your main squeeze here at the House of the Orange – Fresh News Now.

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