The Role Tupac Played in the Jada Sanctioned Slap-Heard-Round-the-World

When it comes to Hollyweird, those money-hungry lunatics will do anything for ratings. It’s amazing that people are unable to tell that the entire Will Smith v. Chris Rock scene was staged. These people act for a living!!! Regardless, let’s examine the dynamic between Jada Pinkett-Smith and Tupac Shakur throughout the years.

You got it, Jada!

Jada and Tupac had an extremely dynamic, fiery and passionate relationship. Many sources claim they were never intimate with one another but there is no way for anyone to know besides those two. The way Jada speaks about ‘Pac and the poems that Pac wrote for Jada shows how deeply connected these two divine souls were.

“As soon as he approached me, he was like a magnet.”

Jada on meeting Tupac

Tupac and Jada met at Baltimore School of the Arts and at the time Jada was selling drugs. She points out that the romanticism that often accompanies their namesakes was not always the case. For the most part, their interactions revolved around survival. Regardless, it was Tupac who saw a speckle in Jada’s eyes and recognized the fact that she had undeniable talent. Jada’s first foray into acting was on a NBC sitcom Cosby show spinoff called A Different World.

Tupac Shakur was supposed to play the role of Sharif in Menace II Society. He encouraged Jada to continue working toward the role of Ronnie in that movie even after he was kicked off of the set.

Tupac Shakur was kicked off of the Menace II Society set because the flirtation between him and Jada became obnoxious. ‘Pac was an incredibly likable man so when he made jokes people often laughed. Between the playful back and forth and being unsatisfied with his role, Tupac became too large of a distraction to have on the movie set where professionals were trying to get work done. 

The director approached the situation by asking Tupac why he was acting like a bitch and asked Tupac to step outside. The two could not see eye-to-eye on Tupac’s character. Tupac could not settle into his role as a peace-loving, religion preaching Muslim brother. He wanted the directors to dive into the reason his character became Muslim. Tupac could not handle having a nice-guy role when the movie revolved around gangbangers and gangster situations.

The two ended up going their separate ways as Hughes stepped back inside the rehearsal session and Tupac did not. 

One year later while showing support for a Spice One music video Tupac pulled up with about 13 other members of the Rolling 40s Crip gang. They tried to put a whooping on the director but only ended up leaving him minorly injured. Hughes would go on to press charges and Tupac landed in jail for 15 days on assault.

Tupac was certainly one of the most fiery and strong-minded men in the history of the world. Thank God he convinced Jada to continue shooting for the Menace role as the movie performed extremely well and she continued to receive placements after that. While being so incredibly virtuous, smart and talented we just wish cooler heads would have prevailed in some of the situations involving Tupac. That is why we learn to live with the decisions we make. 

Blair Underwood and Jada Pinkett moving closer for a kiss in a scene from the film ‘Set It Off’, 1996. (Photo by New Line Cinema/Getty Images)

As far as Jada is concerned she continued to make decisions that would embed her within the pantheon of all-time actresses. Her role in Set It Off with Queen Latifah and Vivica A. Fox was downright amazing as she leveraged her early opportunities into quite the illustrious career. 

Check out this poem by Tupac presumedly scribed with Jada in mind.

Lost Soulz – Tupac Shakur

Some say nothing gold can last forever

And 2 believe this (I) need no proof

I have witnessed all that was pure in me

Be changed by the evil men can do

The innocence possessed by children

Once lived inside my soul

But surviving years with criminal peers

has turned my warm heart to cold

I used 2 dream and fantasize

But now I’m scared 2 sleep

petrified, not to live or die

But to awaken and still be me

It is true that nothing gold can last

We will all one day see death

When the purest hearts are torn apart

Lost souls are all that’s left

Down on my knees I beg of God

Stay funky, stay focused, STAY FRESH.

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