Where is Peng Shuai?

Existence is a temporary state determined by innate senses, development and emotions. Certainly, you hear it all the time – it all depends on perspective. Before reading this article, I hope that you will clear your mind of all occupancies for the moment…

Now think about all of the things in your life that deserve gratitude. Where do you live within the global scale? Do you have first-world problems or third-world problems? That is the initial vantage point of perspective by which to contemplate. Freedom must never be taken for granted.

Where is Peng Shuai?

It is truly a blessing to be able to maneuver freely within your country. Peng Shuai did not face the same fate. Her tennis prowess and ongoing affair with high-powered Chinese official have made people begin to question her whereabouts.

In early November 2021, Peng’s Weibo page was wiped off the face of the Internet after she went in great detail about her entanglement with Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli. Gaoli grew to power through the oil industry as a top economist. He currently has a seat at the inner circle of the Communist Party of China known as the Politburo Standing Committee.

The International Olympic Committee virtually met with Shuai on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. She seemed fine but the scene also seemed incredibly staged. By design, it is difficult to tell what exactly has transpired during her disappearance. 

End Gaoli

Back in 2012, Gaoli was appointed Party Chief in the port city of Tianjian. It is there where he crossed paths with Miss Shuai. Both of these individuals are high-powered citizens with much to offer. At age 12, Shuai had heart surgery to ensure she would become a professional tennis star. Also, she was the only tennis player in history to negotiate the terms of her training and share of her rewards. 

“There was nothing outstanding about him. He’s a standard technocrat trained and cultivated by the Chinese Communist Party system. He had no notable achievements, nor was he involved in particular scandals — he had been a bland figure without any controversy”

Deng Yuwen

Peng Shuai won the Doubles Wimbledon in 2013 and French Open in 2014. She became the #1 ranked doubles women’s competitor for the first time in the country’s history. As an extremely impressionable and attractive young woman, sure she would make the ideal mistress for Gaoli. The part about the whole thing that makes it so obscene is the fact that he conducted the affair within the confines of his own home.

Totalitarians Hold Zero Regard for Human Life

It is said that Gaoli would go to bed with Shuai while his wife locked the doors behind them. Afterwards, they would all be forced to eat together. Gaoli represents China as a whole in the way that he manages to wield power without opposition. 

It is important to note that their affair most likely lasted from 2012-2017 and after Gaoli retired in 2017 he was promoted to the Politburo Standing Committee.


In order to understand the dynamic of the situation, one must look at China from a distance. Their society as a whole breaks women down from a young age. With coded hints and distortions the message is plain: you cannot avoid violence – only hide from it. 

The thing about it is that Chinese people are extremely savvy, wise and smart. They think of what moves to make much sooner than you do. Thus, they position themselves as masters of their domain and often exercise physiological control over those they wish to advance with. 

This is a common method by which to silent dissenters in the tight-lipped country of China. For instance, in 2020 Jack Ma criticized the harsh crackdown in the tech sector and went missing for three months. Lord knows what takes place behind closed doors.

“The more you release, the more you give yourself away.”

Teng Biao (activist lawyer, fled China in 2014)

A few months back, some tennis fans were removed from the Australian Open for wearing, “WHERE IS PENG SHUAI?” shirts. It begs an unimaginable question. Also, this does not mark the first dust up between China and Australia. Australia has begun to feel as if China might be infiltrating or interfering with their politics and society as a whole. China responded by urging Australia to quit politically posturing.

Interesting that China would use that word, “posturing” considering they are the ones who move so cunningly in silence. They are wonderful at positioning themselves, revealing just enough information and using just the right tone to showcase their undeniable power over the entire world. 

In the case of Peng Shuai, Gaoli made her keep the affair a secret from anybody she knew. Peng grew isolated and lacked a sense of self-worth.

Before deactivation, her Weibo page had more than 500,000 followers. Her outcry of sexual assault most likely rings true. Censorship control tactics in China would have it that her statements were made to seem as if they were never posted.

There is absolutely no way that she will be able to speak freely with access to basic human rights. Once her page was wiped clean, she also vanished. 

Many times, China will position itself as the sole proprietor of women’s rights and advancement. All the while, they continue to disembowel the women’s psyche, sense of strength and independence. In many Chinese relationships, women begin to face the enmeshment conundrum when they become intimate with a man. 

Enmeshment is a concept in psychology introduced by Salvador Minuchin to describe families where personal boundaries are diffused, sub-systems undifferentiated, and over-concern for others leads to a loss of autonomous development.

Therefore, expectations are never met because they are never established. Without foundation, clear communication and expressive sentiments no relationship can flourish. Thus, needs are never met and women feel inadequate. Regardless, WHERE IS PENG SHUAI???

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