High Ranking Entrepreneur Watchlist [2022]

Anybody can put the word “entrepreneur” in their Instagram bio and call themselves a businessperson. But there are only some people who truly embody the role and put forth effective movements within business sectors. 

Let’s dive into the top entrepreneurs to watch in 2022.

AJ Washington – this Web3 pioneer has been creating and curating within the NFT space and revolutionizing the online music experience. The idea behind his work is to empower creatives to build self-sustaining businesses for themselves. His PHLOTE platform is community-owned and puts the tools in the creators’ hands which allows them to contribute equitably upon blockchain. PHLOTE will be the MTV of Web3 and mints music into NFTs.

Dan Dover – as a nifty creative, Dan creates small batch leathergoods such as wallets, watch bands and sturdy pockets through his Pretty Good Company. What makes him so incredibly unique is the fact that all of his handiwork is crafted and constructed carefully. As he weaves the materials with compassion, his products enrich the Columbus community and beyond. With close ties to Sole Classics, this creative individual is always innovating and developing fresh new products.

Vino & Vijay Jeyapalan remain steadfast in their entrepreneurial endeavors in Canada. These twins personified the path to financial freedom via roles with TD Bank and Facebook. Their client-facing approaches with each company placed the customer at the core of all encounters. With reputable business acumen, they saw incredible success with a pre-portioned pet meal delivery service called, “Kabo.” Just recently, they launched Kabo Health which offers free veterinary online care. Bravo, fellas!


Yuri Beats – Yuri is a prime example of an entrepreneur in this new digital age. His brand, Impermanent Digital exists as a high caliber NFT project that mirrors the highly successful NFT – Crypto Punks. Impermanent Digital involves highly technical artificial intelligence and each NFT character has a chance to evolve. Yuri consistently works to create a bridge between the current phase of the internet and Web3 – the next evolution of the internet. 

“There is no prerequisite for a good skillset besides a good attitude and curiosity.”

Yuri Beats

Jason Citron – time ticks at the same pace but technology continues to accelerate the rate of advancement. Discord is the number one communication tool for decentralized discussion and operates as a platform for mass communication within organizations. After several forays into video game development, Citron shifted his focus and in 2015 founded Discord – the top communications tool for gamers, coders, curators and gamblers. Never turn down an opportunity to learn how to code as it is the underlying foundation for a lot of lucrative online ventures.

Brian Armstrong – this man founded Coinbase which is the powerhouse market where many users navigate to purchase cryptocurrencies. Coinbase provides very basic lessons to people that allow them to earn cryptocurrencies. There are so many types of cryptocurrencies available on Coinbase but more often than not users will utilize this platform to convert any outlying tokens into Bitcoin or Ethereum. Today, Coinbase hosts over 73M users and harvests $255B in customer assets.

Vitalik Buterin – it is difficult to comprehend the logistics within cryptocurrencies. Many people understand that Bitcoin is the most popular, but Ethereum is the most logical. At age 19, Vitalik Buterin co-created Ethereum (functions on Turing algorithm) which creates smart contracts for exchanges. Buterin serves as a partner for Fenbushi Venture Capital in China and in 2014 he won the World Technology Network Prize for IT software defeating Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.


Devin Finzer – follow the money trail if you want to see entrepreneurship in action. Nobody understands why so much money has made its way into NFTs but numbers don’t lie. This man co-founded the top NFT marketplace called OpenSea. In 2021, OpenSea saw a 646x increase in trading volume. Last month alone, they accumulated $5B in sales and did $4B in December 2021. Finzer is the CEO at OpenSea, Developer at WifiCoin & Founder/CTO at Claimdog (acquired by Credit Karma)

There you have it, folks. The only difference between a rich person and a poor person is the way they spend their time. So get up, get out and get something!

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