Spanish Ran Builds NY Underground Brick By Brick

Those who move in silence will always prevail. Spanish Ran earned his way to the platform he currently inhabits. As a former A&R at Roc Nation Randy Rodriguez recruited Rapsody to the label and put Lenny S on attention early about Westside Gunn and Roc Marciano. 

Before that, he had an internship at Def Jam and soaked up knowledge throughout every encounter. Nowadays, he exists within underground hip-hop circles as one of the most coveted producers to work with. 

Spanish Ran often collaborates with Al-Doe & Tree Mason (blood brothers) as well as Sauce Heist. In order to gain his blessing in the booth, a genuine connection must be formed. It is much more than the music and Spanish Ran prefers to work in person rather than through e-mail. 

His A&R mindset delineates the intricacies of the cut-throat music industry. Before agreeing to work, Ran does his research. If the vibe, surroundings, energy and common links aren’t all the way there – then no dice.

As an extremely smart individual, it makes sense why Spanish Ran wants to work with Westside Gunn. Each of them exist as generals within their own camp and put together poised movements that are extremely well-calculated.

Learn and Build 

Spanish Ran gravitates toward artists that possess differentiation and originality. He thoroughly appreciates grimey and soulful rhymes accompanied by refreshing visuals. When an artist shows you their neck of the woods with background, landscape and scenery it truly creates a lens by which people can learn through. 

Spanish Ran transitioned from A&R to independent producer when he started taking music production more seriously. He always conducts himself with professionalism and mastery but it took time for him to become a renowned producer. 

W.I.P. 2 Spanish Ran x Tree Mason

Being in studio sessions with legendary producers and even average producers helped him finalize his own production process. Working as an A&R trained his ear to countless samples and discovery. Currently, he pushes boundaries to infuse hard-nosed beats or soulful loops that really resonate with the listener.

What’s amazing with the evolution of the art form is the way that music continues to travel further and further. People are really doing numbers out there from just YouTube recommended videos or algorithmic preferences. Spanish Ran’s musical catalogue is entirely contextual. Meaning, he is liquid in the state that he will make beats catered to the artist he is working with.

Vision Unison 

In order to do so, he studies prior releases and carries meaningful dialogue with the artist to get a picture as to what they want to make next. Often times – concepts and themes are developed mutually through real-life experiences such as cinema, conversations, home studio sessions and discourse that creates chemistry and bonds. 

Everything that Ran touches deals with gravitation and authentic disposition. What is meant to be shall be and Lord does the track get blessed whenever S.Ran mixes and masters. 

A lot of his work with Al-Doe on Doña Blanca are merely throwaway tracks. They had so many songs stashed for the album that were waiting to get finalized. Rather than waiting, Ran grew frustrated with the stagnancy and put out mixtapes. 

Hearing tracks over and over makes him grow weary. Always working with pace – Ran and collaborators can turn projects around within weeks without rushing. 

He really wants to continue keeping his foot on the throttle and would like to release a new project every month. He’s almost like a drywall finisher in the sense that he wants to smooth it, finish it and move on – no extracurricular complications needed.


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