Rome Streetz Swelters Griselda Grime

Not all those wander are lost. If you’re wondering, Rome Streetz travels far into well-versed pockets of the universe. Never one to remain stagnant, his nomadic nature has landed him within several sectors of New York City. Nowadays, his rhymes are beginning to land him on concert flyers. Is Jerome in the house?

Na. Jerome is out and about. At age 14, his family seemingly sprung Rome into action. Moving overseas and embodying change might have been his biggest blessing. 

T-Mobile Sidekick LX inspired the rhyme writing at an early age but it wasn’t until he ended up in London did they start to resonate.

On the verge of a European record deal, Rome’s family moved him back to NY at age 17.

Looking back on it now, another blessing in disguise. Why commit to key creative asset losses before hitting full stride?


Rome Streetz first gained resounding traction on DatPiff in 2011. His mixtape, “Vagabond” notched a Coast to Coast belt (def. 30+ artists) over obscure beats that Rome discovered. As a result, CtoC pumped promotion to push the mixtape swirling within underground hip-hop circles. 

This initial entry casted a blip on the radar although he could not stake an ownership claim on any Vagabond beats. 

You talkin overnight success? Which night you talking about ?

Fast forward to present moment, Rome Streetz cannot miss. His tangential progression showcased a project per quarter last year which normally exhibits an artist on a tear. 

Many artists harbor and labor their projects – perfectionists. To each their own – those who consistently drop projects receive more placements and impressions.

Placements you say – well what does the place mean?

Rome Streetz exists as a flaneur – an ambivalent figure of affluence with the ability to wonder; an acute observer of industrialized contemporary life (UGHH)

In other words, he has spent his life opening doors. When you think of Rome Streetz the word sonder comes to mind. His rhyme patterns make you truly contemplate the fact that each and every passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. 

Just this past December, Rome Streetz represented Griselda Records to the fullest in at least four different concert venues. To round the year out he performed alongside Flee Lord and RRR (Starker & YL) 

Turn my street dreams to reality I was adamant // it’d be different if the rotten apple went to Adam’s lips // & Eve slid off with the snake in the tree & had a kid

As far as collaboration goes with Rome Streetz, his uncanny time management skills exhibit awareness that sets a precedent. Eager to munch, Rome cherishes the moment and pushes his pen. 

For instance, he ‘sparred’ on a tape with Ransom – an extraordinarily dense and picturesque emcee. His collaboration tape with DJ Muggs broadened reach to the West Coast. His verses on Westside Gunn’s eighth and final installment of Hitler Wears Hermes Side B (play on Devil Wears Prada) were head and shoulders above other guests. 

“The independent blueprint is alive & well.”

The Artivist

Joyeria mixtape released via Daupe! Media and for heads who know – not everyone receives placement via that platform. We’ve noticed RS loves to use imagery and alliteration while delivering art and storytelling.

Rome Streetz clearly showed he can get his mixtapes poppin’ on his own. What Westside Gunn did was recognize his ability and accelerate the rate by which he could represent his region.

The likening of his music to that of addictive substances cannot be overlooked. Many of the recanted tales could not be told if they hadn’t been lived. Rome just knows how to add the right amount of seasoning to infuse the track with the proper flavorful adrenaline.

His imaginatively infectious bars increase character intention and interaction. His hyphy energetic approach coupled with stamps of approval and adornment seal the deal.

Streetz will continue to combine and intertwine laced rhymes for years to come. Especially with the vinyl culture. Why sign to a major label when people are collecting CDs, cassettes and vinyls for $50 to $100 a pop? 

Next time on FNN: Tree Mason & Spanish Ran



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