5 Gorilla Nems Songs > BING BONG

Gorilla Nems emerged upon the last stop on the subway – Coney Island. His prominent career blossomed mightily until incarceration blocked his blessings. While shackled, Nems could not leverage his newfound MTV stardom and instead delivered greater emergence later.

It all started with the New York Knicks. Within the basketball mecca that is Madison Square Garden, Knickerbockers fans rejoiced, “BING BONG!” every time the Knicks hit a three. Given the fact that they made the playoffs last year, fans began to hear this phrase more often.

Shortly thereafter, Fat Joe anointed Nems next after asked about who might be Fat Joe of this generation. Sidetalk NYC & their off-kilter commentary channel wisely featured Nems and began to expand the gerth of their online digital footprint. 

Nowadays, Nems continues to sell clothing out of his souped up Truck and even got his own strand of BING BONG on the cannabis market. It took incarceration, sobriety and virality for this man to start reaping the rewards of his diligent work.

People weren’t there on the nights where he would sell merchandise to passerbys. They only see his interviews and continued rise to online prominence. We studied this man and pride ourselves on discovering talent early on in the game.

For those who are unfamiliar with Gorilla Nems, his wordplay still needs refinement. His tough exterior and degrading wordplay clearly move records. 

Reason being, nobody wants to hear Ubuntu when they can hear F U.

Is this Nems’ fault? No it is the way the system is designed. 

The sooner we stop focusing upon individual issues and look at ailments within our society as systemic behemoths the better off we will be.

Low and behold, ENJOY the tracks we submitted after scouring and consuming Nems music for 5+ years.

5) To the Grave – this song rides out for a few minutes but fades upon Nems verse where he lacks substance – Benny the Butcher never misses though 

4) Token of my Affection – in this instance we seem Nems ease up off of the tough talk and break down some portions of his life in harrowing detail.

3) Step Aside – this song depicts Nems’ monstrous gorilla alter-ego in a rambunctious way. While at times Nems has been known to recycle lines from golden-era artists this stylistic approach really sets him aside. The vocal variation and self-dialogue as if it were between two parties gives this track high appeal factor.

2) Kings – all original beats on Gorilla Monsoon were produced by Jazzsoon and this track will have you swaying soulfully while banging on your chest.

1) Gorilla Monsoon – Clearly, the most grimey and funkadelic record in this mans’ discography Nems shows he can keep strides with some of the sharpest and business-savvy emcees in the country.

It is asanine how individuals will rat-race themselves until death do them part. Some people subscribe to prior generations’ path. Others do whatever they can to survive. Somewhere in between, middle-class folks will dream but maintain a living sustainably. 

Find out where this journal takes us and what journey will be pursued by tapping into every post [insert subscribe button] Shortly, we will compose series’ of interviews, vlogs and continue emitting positivity and pizazz until ..

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