5 Takeaways From J Cole & Nardwuar

 Jermaine Lamar Cole flourishes as an old soul individual that will always be relevant. Often times, he flirts with the idea of resigning from the hip-hop industry. We all know, he always manages to come back and hit us with another classic, no matter what he says. 

Look no further than his recent collaboration with legendary duo Guru and DJ Premier. 

This song is rumored to be J Cole’s last feature verse, ever

J Cole operates Dreamville Records and shares encouragential wisdom with his fellow rapmates. Undoubtedly, amongst my generation’s Mount Rushmore of artists between Drake, Kendrick & [insert here]

Who knows if we’ll ever get the full temptation of a Cole x Kendrick Lamar collaboration tape? The hell with all that – run the tape!


Freek-a-Leek’n the Town

J Cole kicked it with Petey Pablo before on some real Carolina vibes. He mentioned that Petey spit one of the illest in the moment freestyles that encapsulated the night and the geographic essence particularly well.

J Cole’s mother believed in his dream at an early age

The producers at the studio saved the best beats for themselves. When Jermaine learned this he frequented McFadden music store and eyed the prizes. Finally, his mother agreed to put the ASR X Pro beatmaker on layaway for him and paid it off one year later. Why wait when you can do it yourself?

There’s nothing quite like groovy oldheads

Gilbert Baez put on many an outing for the freakniks that skated so smooth. Every Super Soul Sunday would be an opportunity for Cole to soak up game and surround himself with some of the coldest cats in the Carolina area.

J Cole gets a wink from God (& Southview)

Nowadays, J Cole seldomly makes guest appearances. That did not stand true his senior year though as he appeared in not one but two yearbooks. Every day a star is born.

Can I Buss It? Yes You Can

Canibus anointed J Cole the Therapist early on in his career. While, he decided against adopting this moniker for good, Cole appreciated the acknowledgment and careful consideration from a very prominent emcee early on in his career.

There you have it, folks! As far as Nardwuar is concerned his outfits continue to magnify in vibrance and his research remains second-to-none.

If there is one researcher/interviewer to emulate, it is Nardwuar the Human Serviette (Canadian napkin) 

If there is one blog to reciprocate it is FRESH NEWS NOW.

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