More times than not, all it takes is a single viral moment for talent to be recognized. Manuela Kom better known as Lil Agz got his moment when he told a very interesting story complete with catch phrase, “Say Less.” 

There’s never any telling to the reason why videos go viral but if we had to guess it is because this one had excellent storytelling. Also, given the fact that it screamed New York due to the accents, slang and confident nature all it took was a brief clip and a catchy repeatable phrase and Lil Agz was on the map.

Growing up in the Bronx one of his big Homies, “A” would always call him Lil A and he added the G’z for style’s sake. Although he chooses not to reveal his age, there is no way this Puerto Rican youngster is any older than ten or eleven. With that being said, he is very cognizant of his surroundings and displays awareness beyond his years.

His video “Momma We Good” includes many good-looking females such as Emilie Brooklyn who went viral for her outstanding dance moves in front of Marcy Projects. 

Lil Agz managers are H Frost and Z and they operate in Harlem. Lil Agz admires P Diddy and Fivio Foreign as is evident by the imagery he uses and how almost every sentence he speaks has the words, “Viral” or “Movie” in it. 

Together with his team, he has started his own independent label, “Switch the Game Up” and has began to pave his own lane. This artist exhibits that you can experience the struggle at any age. He utilizes humor often but puts a lot of pain into the music making it extremely relatable.

There is no doubt that he is still very early within his musical catalogue. Fact of the matter is, he has the following and his videos continue to do numbers which means he will only elevate from here. Not to mention, he still has to finish school!

Some essentials that accompany Lil Agz in the booth are water, candy and his watch. He preaches that the gang shxt aint it and reps ‘Pristine Boyz.’

Another one of his catch phrases came alive after the world started to open back up post COVID. He exclaims, “WE OUTSIDE” as a way to inform his fans that he wants to continue making moves and push to do things his way.

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