The REAL Reason Rick Ross Walked Off the 85 South Show

Rick Ross exists as an elite businessman within the Port of Miami. Not just Miami, he is world-renowned Renzell. Hence, the reason why he did the dip on DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller and Chico Bean from the 85 South Comedy Show without any notice. 

It was surprising to see him stay for as long as he did given the stature and pressing nature of his business acumen. Not to say one man is above another but there is only so much that a person in Rick Ross’ position can gain from sitting on a podcast for hours on end. 

Before he went to the restroom and never came back here were some major gems Ricky Rozay shared with the former Wild N Out comedy stars.

He has never lost when it comes to real estate

Clearly location is everything when it comes to acquiring property. Knowing where to buy, what to improve and when to sell plays a pivotal role as real estate often proves to be a win-win scenario.

Never be afraid to be a leader.

With great power comes great responsibility. With great risk comes great reward.

Never dismiss any idea and maintain an open-door policy

Just make sure that you have the means and wherewithal to execute.

The game will always be sold not told but that might have to change soon

Master P might disagree

The first instrumental he ever wrote a rhyme to was Centipede by Rebbie Jackson

The Boss snuck one of his mother’s vinyls into his room and started mapping out his rhyme schemes

Ross would come home and put on Yo! MTV Raps every day after school 

90s babies can relate because we came home to watch TRL every day after school religiously

Rick Ross has always been a sucker for quality album artwork

Even if the music wasn’t hittin, if the album had fire cover art Rozay would run the album back over and over to try and find at least one good song

Running the streets and performing violent acts is played out


Rick Ross studied the game and waited 15 years to release his debut album, “Port of Miami” 

He also shared that social commentary is much more important than braggadocio

Prince owning Glam Slam East on Washington Ave in Miami inspired him to enter the liquor industry

Also, seeing bottles of Rosé in that club gave him the ultimate moniker lightbulb moment.

Overall, this podcast was rather entertaining and provided some redeeming value. 

“Keep your foot on the gas. For life”

Rick Ross before doing the dash

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