Benzino is Salty that Coi Leray is the Artist He Never Could Be

Coi Leray’s energy is off the charts. Her ability to be unequivocally true to herself and win the hearts of fans speaks volumes about her persona. A naturally gifted individual – she personifies what it means to be an artist by maintaining multiple skillsets and versatile traits that make her extremely appealing.

Much like the Powderpuff Girls she exhibits wisdom, sensitivity and sex appeal. Additionally, she is unwavering in her approach and displays potent confidence in every situation. They say it’s a man’s world but there is no way to prove that by Coi Leray. Her supreme being showcases poise and confidence while also staying grounded and humble in nature.

For those unaware, Coi Leray Collins is the son of Benzino (formerly of The Source) and ex-girlfriend of Trippie Redd. With that being said, neither one of those statements mean a damn thing. Simply put, she grinded to earn her spot and deserves everything coming her way.

Coi considers herself similar to Hannah Montana because she has experienced the best of both worlds throughout her life. She has seen the luxury and glamorous side but also had to make ends meet with food stamps and worked a normal job at age sixteen.

Sales Taught Her The Art of Matching People’s Energy

After dropping out of high school in the 10th grade, she worked in sales. Initially she sold Google listings for Explore Enterprise. From there she upgraded to selling websites for Push the Cart. Eventually, she made it all the way to Yellowstone Capital which is a reputable brokerage firm. This rapid growth was a telltale sign of success to come in her life and displayed an uncanny ability to climb the charts.

The reason why Coi possesses the utmost staying power in this cut-throat industry is due to her versatility. She acts, sings, dances, raps well, has a cooking show, fashion brand, hair care products and the list goes on. 

The key to becoming a successful individual in life does not have to do with dollar signs. Being successful means being happy and that starts from within. Coi mastered the art of self-love, self-expression and self-control early on and is now reaping the benefits of those elements. 

Her entire movement and mantra is CoZ and she has multiple CoZ mixtapes to show for it. To Coi being CoZ means accepting yourself, respecting yourself and truly tapping into your inner harmony. She utilizes sage, good herbal, crystals, meditation and Bible scriptures to manifest mastery within her soul.

Chosen One (The Intangibles)

Coi has been on Billboard charts, received a platinum plaque and Grammy nominations. Yet, she does not feel like any of those have been the Huzzah moment for her. With much more to prove, this young woman is sophisticated, kind, cool and hungry.

You can hear it, see it and feel it when an individual is destined to become a legend. Coi Leray carries herself as such a vibe, contains the (i)nfec(t)ious factor and does not have to try to be loved.

Her persona is omnipotent and you can tell she has glowed up in a very short period of time. 

BTS look on the set of Twinnem

Ever since she flipped the switch and started looking at every situation with a positive outlook only blessings have come into her life. In 2019, she signed a massive deal with Republic Records and her single, “Twinnem” has received millions of views to this day.

With millions of followers to boot, Coi is not going anywhere anytime soon and has a debut album that we cannot wait to consume. 

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