How To Live Off The Grid Within the Metaverse

Do you ever wonder how ads became so invasive? Not long ago, George Orwell predicted the very nature of said invasiveness would flabbergast the general public. There is no reason to be taken aghast because We The People are the ones who play right into the advertiser’s hands.

There is no doubt that vocal recognition technology and artificial intelligence are the next wave of future technology. By purchasing smart devices and/or cameras, citizens simplify the process by which advertisers gather their targeted materials.

How Do They Know?

What easier way to figure out what you might want to purchase than to listen directly to your household conversations? By design, any device that possesses a microphone will always hear what you have to say.

What listeners may have neglected to ponder deals with the fact that not everyone purchases these devices. Also, they may have counted out the percentage of people who carry conversations with listening devices in mind.

Sure, some topics are unavoidable when you can’t control what others in the room might say. But what about the individuals who enjoy living on this Earth without smart devices? How might these listening devices prove effective then? The answer is the devices cannot achieve success for those who live in solitude and disconnect from the grid entirely.

Survival Tactics

Now, how might one disconnect from the grid? Simply put, one might revert to a flip phone, learn every constructive trade possible and settle down with a plot of land.

There are countless examples of people who utilize solar energy, wind turbines and energy efficient modes of living without the extra amenities that countless Americans woefully submit their will and wallet toward every day.

So, this hypothetical individual has built their own establishment with the bare necessities in place for survival. Are they enjoying life to its fullest extent? Quite clearly, they are because there is no way that advertisements are able to infiltrate their daily processes.

Well, how will they listen to music? Old school iPod Nano will do. How will they generate revenue? Through incredible saving patterns and consistent investments. Living off the grid might create some unpredictable variables but at least that person can ensure their peace-of-mind.

It is my aim to create a decentralized off-the-grid hangout spot within the metaverse where users can come to parlay, relax and/or soak up knowledge without any worry about invasive listening.

Furthermore, if I were to win the #WhatIsAdshares contest I would utilize the earnings as an investment. I might scour the web for the next NFT project predicted to skyrocket and sink a few shekels into that. Regardless, I would flip these funds in hopes of making them jump 10x to further accelerate the process by which my own metaverse lounge can thrive.

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