The Endurance Electric Pickup Truck

The world is on a fast track to the future. Matter of fact, we are already in the future. Many companies aim to achieve Net-Zero Emissions Initiatives by 2030. While Pfizer will not release all vaccination data until 2076. I digress. 

EV’s could save our planet?

A major sign of the times is the way that the sun feels hotter and the temperatures vary greater. Gone are the days of the ozone layer as humans continue to shatter any specific protective layer between man and impending destruction. I guess that nature will run its course.

Building Back Better

Anywho, Biden’s infrastructure bill created a surplus of funds for electronic vehicles production. Look no further than Lordstown, Ohio if you want to see the future of automobiles unfold. With Steve Burns as CEO, Lordstown was supposed to be the first facility to produce an electric pickup truck by the name of Endurance.

Foxconn Chairman Young Liu

After false promises, fabricated sales and now an impending SEC investigation Burns is out as CEO. Taiwan powerhouse Foxconn (Hon Hai Precision Industries) has moved in to continue production of these electric vehicles. In the meantime, Rivian R1T Ford F-150 Lightning and GMC Hummer EV beat Endurance to the punch as far as first electric pickup truck on the market.

Who Scooped Up This Facility?

Foxconn is well-known for being the same company that mass produces the iPhone. They operate upon software defined open ecosystems. Foxconn intends to push forward the release of Endurance as well as an accompanying fleet complete with electric vans, industrial strength SUVs and midsize pickup trucks. 

The distinguishing characteristic that Foxconn brings to the table comes down to the type of battery they will attempt to place within these new-age vehicles. By 2024, they hope to install commercialized solid-state batteries. These differ from your typical liquid lithium ion batteries due to the fact that they have a greater propensity for energy density.*

The Endurance will hold a motor in each wheel hub in its 3rd quarter 2022 release. With a 250 mile range and 6,000 cells in cylindrical format it stands alongside the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y in that category. These vehicles have innovative storage solutions and the company behind them are thinking on their feet.

The way that Foxconn is working smarter and not harder is by offering repair service through certain Camping World stores. Take a look at these slick vehicles and let us know what you think. The future is FRESH.

*The first vehicle manufacturer to institute solid-state batteries was the Mercedes Benz bus

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