Qualified Police Immunity: Jason Meade Charged & Arraigned

The execution of Casey Goodson Jr. was not witnessed or captured on police body camera. However, the proceedings against Murderer Meade will be televised. On December 4th, 2020 Jason Meade acted on his own accord as the Sheriff Deputy assigned by the U.S. Marshals Service Fugitive Task Force. 

Murderer Meade served in Iraq and was a seventeen year member of the Franklin County Police Department. This is not the first time he has killed a man. In the past, he has been cleared of charges but this time around punishment must be served.

Equitable human decency would have been the ultimate justice. As in, Casey Goodson continuing his CDL journey after putting up the necessary funds to purchase his own 18-wheeler. A civil conversation would have been truly right and just. Instead, Meade reverted to sand-dune-mentality and thought he would escape through six AR rounds into a working man’s back.

Accountability will arrive at the doorstep of this insidious individual. He proclaimed the word of God in Rosedale Freewill Baptist Church claiming indoctrination from the Man above to perform ‘righteous release’ on our citizens. 

“If you saw the people I hit, you’d want to hit them too.”

Former Pastor Jason Meade

If you ever want to visit territory similar to Stephen King’s Children of the Corn go to Rosedale, Ohio. Within that clergy, the brainwashed contingent worships and refuses to believe their Pastor could have committed any wrongdoing. The road to Rosedale Freewill Baptist Church is arduously barren.

Fortunately, he will no longer be able to hunt our men and women as a jury should determine him to be guilty on all charges of murder [2] and reckless homicide [1] Bond set @ $250K

The key proceedings in this case will come down to how evidence is presented. Namely, how the scene is depicted from each side. To our knowledge, hardly any eyewitnesses have come forward. Thus, any eyewitness that testifies might try to hard sell the jury. Footage from that day is extremely scarce which creates uncertainty as to how the trial might unfold. The thing about courtrooms is that results often rely upon who maintains poise and influences the room.

Franklin County Sheriff Department Dallas Baldwin amongst others will be tried for their role in this heinous act under the Monell Doctrine.

Attorney Sean Walton will attempt to prove Franklin County’s deliberate indifference as a result of failure to properly train/supervise their employees. Thus, Franklin County will face a civil lawsuit for implementation of customs/policies that caused unconstitutional behavior.

The family of George Floyd also attempted to invoke the Monell Doctrine to demolish the immunity that police officers possess for their reprehensible conduct in instances such as these.

Stay tuned as this case continues to develop.

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