RLX.000 Depicts Colombia in Rare/Authentic Manner

This is one of the most challenging articles written to date. Reason being, the subject at hand RLX.000 [Lawrence, Massachusetts] chooses not to reveal much. Therefore, writing this article proved an intriguing journey because we wrote it solely from what was gathered through the music. 

Instead of bogging you down with buku amounts of words we’re going to keep it real light on this one. Matter fact, the people ultimately decide in any case however you slice it. 

So when we drop some RLX (Real Life Experiences) tracks below, holler at your scholar and tell us if you’re rockin with this man.

RLX is heavily connected with the likes of Crimeapple, B-Real, DJ Muggs and Primo Profit. Together, they are associated with Soul Assassins and bring about real Colombian street lyricism. 

“Peligrosisimo translates to very dangerous. Which is an understatement when describing some of the places we’ve worked on music and shot videos (Manrique, La Boquilla, etc.) in Colombia. Rappers love talking about Colombia but most wouldn’t dare setting foot on those parts of the soil. We’re embraced when [we] do, every time. You do the math.”

Gaviria tribute

It is simply amazing to see OG’s like The Alchemist and DJ Muggs decide to tap into grimey lyricism via young aspiring artists. Rather than sellout or do some fake corny shxt, these legendary DJs are providing what true hip-hop connoisseurs yearn for – authentic bars. 

RLX verse starts @ 4:25

Also shoutout to Pete Rosenberg for tapping into the underground. In conjunction with Mark Rosado from Top Shelf Premium, Rosenberg Real Late has broadcasted true lyricists onto a nationally syndicated radio show HOT 97. We need more real life individuals and less mumble weirdos so tune in as Fresh News Now will bring you nothing but the real!

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