1RSH4D Drops NFT Gems from Sri Lanka

Irshad Azees stylizes his name, “1RSH4D” fully clad with an avatar as well. 

“Irshad. It’s like Rashid but two letters switched around. Rashid/Rasheed and Irshad are very similar in their meaning and origin as names.”

(Phlote Discord)

Intentional Discussion

1RSH4D derives the meaning ‘solstice’ from his name and emits enlightenment through beams of knowledge. Whether it be through music, curation or during the interview – his roundabout delivery method takes the listener on a detailed journey.

The roundabout storytelling nature occurs intentionally to stimulate thought, refresh perspective and create mutual output. Undoubtedly, the recent momentum gathered from Phlote DAO has convinced 1RSH4D to advance his focus. 

“This [PHLOTE] Dao has legs!”


The Sri Lankan man spoke about how Phlote DAO breaks down Web3 and helps him to build within the constructs of concise language. 

Irshad’s Avatar

“By nature, America spins a web and obliges people to do what they do.”


Branching Out Through a New Route

After rejecting the angst of a corporate position, 1RSH4D embraced his spirituality. During his travels he prayed, fasted and ultimately looked inward to discover persistence.

It is this level of patience and skill-building that differentiates 1RSH4D mightily. This Web3 artist seeks collaboration, minting and provenance. His explanations resonate with audiences because they exist insightfully. 

Once he stacked a fair amount of ETH from ‘shilling’ 1RSH4D sought to make some trades on Binance. Garnering tokens, coins and trinkets of wisdom – 1RSH4D intricately layers his fortress within the metaverse. Operating within multiple NFT projects combined with participation within Defi/DAO platforms truly fortifies your Web3 presence.

The call occurred at 8:00 P.M. EST which is 6:00 A.M. in GMT (Sri Lanka) 1RSH4D still managed to drop some gems about sonics and tokenomics. On his most recent NFT, there inlies an 80-20 incentive split baked into the smart contract.

He only keeps 20% of the royalties while the alternative 80% ownership stake allows users to do what they wish. In essence, this strategy might encourage resale transactions. 

The blessing of learning always catches on and this virtual gathering was not any different. 1RSH4D concluded with graceful advice about consciousness and interoperable functions within the Web3 metaverse. This man drops straight gems and facts every time and made his presence felt on the Phlote stage – for that we are grateful.

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