Make Room for the Top 5 Female Hip-Hop Artists

The craziest thing that you will hear people say is the word never. With time and technology, anything is possible. Over time, you either adapt to the times or you get left in the past. Living in the moment is so crucial for any situation. 

In hip-hop, there was once a claim that Nicki Minaj was the only queen artist. The problem with that is that women are not highlighted enough in hip-hop. 

Just when you think it is one way, it might be the other.

Meaning: there are people out there with more talent that just do not get discovered/pursue greatness properly.

For instance: when Nicki Minaj was at the height of her career there was a Baltimore rapper Keys who absolutely flamed Nicki on a freestyle. 

If this, then that – right?

With that, here are the top 5 female emcees right now

DonMonique – this Brooklynite has proven herself with discographies, fashion and incredible taste. See her full rundown here.

Keisha Plum and ain’t shit sweet about her but the pen stay drippin

Keisha Plum – this Nubian poet is soft-spoken, witty and her impactful words always pierce the track. She has a project called, “Tears of Honey” and many features with Griselda Records’ artists. 

“If Rakim & Nikki Giovanni did the nasty, they would have had me.”

K.Plum on Flygod

Make no mistake, Keisha is about her business but has yet to rap on a song. Rather, she prefers to use her sensuous voice and slam poetry style whenever she hops on the track.

“I started to like poetry at a very young age. Being from the hood that we came from in the inner city, kids need an outlet. I want to be that voice. Young people, young girls and women need those waves.”


Megan Thee Stallion – this Houston spitter needs no introduction. Her voluptuous framework and Southern twang truly make her a wondrous presence in the rap game. Meg is set to graduate at the end of the Fall 2021 Semester from Texas Southern with a Health Admin degree from TX Southern! For her full rundown click here.

Armani Caesar Ladies & Gentleman

Armani Caesar – the first lady of Griselda records can outspit any man or woman on Earth. Her debut project, The Liz really stomped Timberlands in the soil for this Buffalonian. Titled after both WWE manager Miss Elizabeth and Elizabeth Taylor, there is much more in store for Armani who built her empire from selling clothing. Check out her full rundown here.

& make sure you say the BIG Latto

Mulatto – New New really got bars – this woman raps circles around opponents and does so with absolute authenticity. After some controversy with the politically correct atmosphere that continues to engulf our society – she changed her name. Now known as Big Latto, this woman represents heavy for the South and will continue to prove as a pivotal force in hip-hop.


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