Yuri Beats & the Impermanent Nature of WEB3 NFTs

Inflation is rising. Cryptocurrencies never looked better. And Phlote DAO continues to grow.

It was evident as the rate of attendees nearly doubled from our last Phlote Collective Show held in our personal space in Gather Town.

This time around, Yuri Beats hopped on stage and shared valuable insights for all Web3 creatives.

“There is no prerequisite for a good skillset besides a positive attitude and curiosity.”

Yuri Beats

A man who creates much more than beats

Yuri Beats exists as an extraterrestrial being. His influences vary depending on what era you speak of, but the overarching motivational theme for his art remains sci/fi and futuristism. 

“I love sci/fi movies – they’re literally trying to tell us what the future could be like – so there’s huge inspiration there for me. Time travel stuff in particular is exciting. I feel like music can help us travel in time – like how a dusty old sample feels like it’s calling out from the past.”

Yuri Beats

The spatial location and intergalactic motif is ever-present within his body of work in the metaverse.

His song mashups often transcend time. Reason being, listeners receive nostalgic feelings and never want what they are hearing to come to an end. 

“I try to make music that feels like it’s from the future – still in touch with time but trying to predict where music will go.”

Yuri Beats

Yuri exists within the WEB3 metaverse by minting music as NFT’s and birthing projects like Impermanent Digital.

This project deals directly with groovy wavelengths and creates a narrative around the longevity of this particular NFT. The project asks ‘‘How long is the half-life of an NFT and how can it live on into the afterlife?’ These are some questions an ID owner might pose.

Yuri had interesting takes to share with hosts Jas, SkyyMyles and our audience. For example, Yuri believes that the verbiage surrounding some terms within the industry such as ‘gas fees’ create terrible connotations as a whole. 

“I think ‘gas fee’ is not a great term for a transactional charge – it brings to mind pollution – and I think we need better terms that are less opaque.”

Yuri Beats

Yuri likes to refer to the blockchain industry as “Web 3” because it “feels like a more inviting term for the uninitiated.”

Major takeaways from Yuri

The most intriguing conversation revolved around, “generative art.” He clued us in on things like the uses of modem metadata and the type of programs that are most useful to create Web3 art with. 

Without a doubt, these events will broaden your horizons and build upon any previous Web3 knowledge.

Major takeaways from Yuri Beats episode:

  1. There is no coding necessary to create Web3 art (Aseprite, Blender etc.)
  2. Do not hesitate to reach out to individuals in this very young community (explore & explore some more)
  3. Adjective + Animal + Activity = NFT

Overall, it was a pleasure to have former UMG associate, Yuri Beats on stage. He shared valuable insight, provided an uplifting presence and dropped several gems throughout the evening. 

Make sure to tap in next time for exclusive songs, incredible information and a calm arena by which to vibe out.

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