Howard Homecoming HBCU Playlists

What is amazing about this life belongs within the simplicity of existence. The seasons continually revolve around this magnificent Earth that we are blessed to inhabit. This Fall, Howard University showcased why it hosts one of the most prestigious homecoming amongst all HBCU’s. Their homecoming playlists existed exclusively through TIDAL and interview responses could not be acquired.


Song Marching Bands Play

Music Videos


With that, what made you consider the answers to these questions? What playlists might you be rocking with the most? 

It is disappointing to not have enough monthly reader reach to attain interview access. Regardless, our platform will continue to grow and spread positive messaging. 

1980s Black College Jams

1990s Black College Jams

How do you find the correct balance between hype up music and lusty slow jams?

How much did you have the audience in mind while making these playlists?

Were there any specific organizations from the Divine 9 that you had in mind when choosing songs?

Black Excellence

Stroll & Step Songs

House Party Classics

Could any of these songs double as protest anthems?

Which playlist is the most intellectual? 

Which playlist might fit best into a House Party hosted by Kid n Play?

Check The Rhyme: The Divine 9

Check The Rhyme: Howard University

Check The Rhyme: Morehouse College

Which playlist might make the cut in Stomp the Yard?

Will live music ever be replaced by this wave of virtuality being ushered into our world?

Our journey involves persistence and we have consistently increased viewership since our 2015 inception. This blog has begun to climb due to the fact that the SEO rank has registered for 5+ years.

The writer graduated college with only excerpts from class discussions and responses to show for articles. In 5 years, there have been over 550 blogs written.

If there is anything that could be most powerfully stated it is to take educated chances. When we first started, our Origin page stated we would never sell our soul for cryptocurrency. 

Yet, no logistical steps were taken toward site monetization or cryptocurrency investment. The knowledge was there but the application did not follow alongside. Insoforth, everyone has ideas what steps are you taking to thoroughly execute them?

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