Satin Sage Curates the NFT Way

Developers, curators and creatives all made appearances for the initial institution of PHLOTE on stage. Rather than keep it mundane on Discord, users got together on Gather Town to give the true vibe of a virtual event. SkyyMyles and Jas hosted the stage in this Pokemon-type environment and launched into an interesting dialogue with lofi extraordinaire, Satin Sage.

Satin Sage remains firmly embedded within the lofi arena. He finds tunes that he relates to, flips them and tumbles them into completely newly minted tracks. FL Studio opened his eyes to the possibility of remixes. Once he heard dubstep mashed up with funk he knew that it was time to get busy. Today, he makes electronic, funk and disco type mixes that get your feet moving and your body grooving.

Person v. Persona

Satin Sage shared with us that it took him awhile to fully grow into his persona. After rebrands, rediscoveries and multiple attempts, it is safe to say that Satin Sage has slid into his current space with tenacity and resilience.

“I desire to make funk and there is no resistance that will hold me back.”

Satin Sage

Satin Sage a.k.a Mr. Prolific felt a disconnect between his old moniker and the sense of identity that he longed for. He became a Sage due to the fact that it represents wisdom beyond years.

A true sage desires to learn more and doesn’t run away when faced with the fear of the unknown. A sage runs toward the unknown, embraces it and constantly accepts new unknowns to gain knowledge. Clearly, a humble individual this man grounds himself with earthly knowledge and creates with the user in mind.

Nowadays, Satin Sage continues to increase his musical output. Through PHLOTE Dao – a decentralized art organization – Satin has exponentially grew his sonic wavelengths. As fulfillment requires honesty, this mixer puts forth music that is not confined to the usual genres of hip-hop, R&B & jazz.

When Satin Sage was younger he vividly remembers being able to make a choice between choir or tae kwon do. It was this freedom to choose between art that he attributes so mightily to the choices made today.


#IdRatherCreate represents Satin’s output as he continuously seeks opportunities that will advance himself in the creative realm. Rather than try to mold himself to industry standards, Satin breaks the barriers and does things the way he sees fit. Definitely a wavy individual.

Satin Sage permeates himself within a positive light with forward-thinking. He exercises his abilities with purpose and a high volume of musical endeavors. His project files are often accompanied by NFT artwork and sometimes he even puts his own voice overs on musical releases. Tap into his Soundcloud, today and make sure you stay tuned for all of the NFT developments sure to drop between Satin Sage, Phlote DAO and the metaverse.

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