Young Thug Breakfast Club Interview Takeaways

Young Thug is a complex creature. Whether or not you rock with his music, there is no dispute that he exists as a general within the modern hip-hop era. As a general, he guides others, gives game away for free and wants everybody to win. He recently went on nationally syndicated radio show, “The Breakfast Club” to spread the word about his album release, “Punk.” 

Finding Unmatched Pockets 

In 2016, Andre 3000 showed love to Young Thug for his ability to lead the tide of this new generation. Whether you understand Thug’s lyrics or not he does not mince words and can rhyme in unprecedented ways. The ability he has to couple and triple syllables and phrases transcends traditional sonics and phonetics. There is no doubt that Young Thug has changed the metrics by which sound is personified. 

Toward the middle of the interview, Thugga shows love to Andre 3000. Seemingly listing him amongst his ATL Mount Rushmore, Thug mentions Andre 3 Stacks, T.I.P. and Future. Who might the 4th be? We would like to think Gucci Mane.

Gucci was for Young Thug as Young Thug was for Lil Baby

Gucci’s name came up during the interview because the first thing Elton John said to Thug was, “When does Wop come home?” due to the fact that Gucci was locked up at the time. Much like Gucci looked out for Young Thug and showed him the ropes Thug did the same for Lil Baby. 

Lil Baby had just did a stint in prison and came back home doing the same things in the same places that got him locked up. Not to mention, Lil Baby was popular before the fame and attracted attention naturally. Lil Baby refused to leave the streets (guaranteed $10-$20K per day) unless Young Thug could match those figures. So, while Lil Baby recorded under Young Thug’s tutelage, Thug would spot him off with 3,4,5 racks at a time. 

Just like Young Thug had Lil Baby signed, Gucci had Young Thug signed. At the time, Gucci Mane had spent the majority of his savings to afford the shortest prison sentence possible ($15-$20 Ms bought him 3 years) Therefore, he sold a lot of his assets as well which included Young Thug. 

At the time Thug could have signed Lil Baby, there was a lot of unwanted police attention and legal hoops that YSL was jumping through. That was the last thing Lil Baby needed at the time so just like Thug slipped Gucci’s grasp Lil Baby slipped Thug’s grasp and they all went their separate ways to achieve success.

Young Thug explains that he is not from this planet

“I deal with problems head on. [As for lingering problems] I thought I had got to know God but it hasn’t been good enough yet.”


During the interview, Young Thug expresses his sentiments. He shared his disappointment for some of the current GOATs like Jay-Z and Kanye due to the fact that he does not feel welcomed by them. He chalked it up to the fact that perhaps they just want him to figure things out for himself as it might be more respectable that way. 

Young Thug shares Drake’s mentality and exclaimed that he “spills the beans” and will tell anybody anything that can help them win. Find below a few interesting one-off tidbits from the interview.

  • Thug held his first gun @9 years old (y/o)
  • Thug received more respect because he survived a shootout where he got shot at 12 y/o
  • Young Thug went onto befriend the person who shot him.
  • Thug does not share an understanding/liking for most people and can see different sides of people that others may not.
  • Thug’s song ‘Havana’ with Camila Cabello has reached Diamond status
  • Trolling will always be corny 
    • Barter 6 was more of a Lil Wayne idolization than anything else
  • Young Thug will master a song and then edit it to make more performable
  • Mac Miller and Young Thug recorded a song called Day Before on the day before Mac’s death
    • Track had the feeling of back then they didn’t want me now I’m hot they all on me


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