Cincinnati Mogul Launches Disrupt Art NFT Marketplace

Rob Richardson and his Disruption Now organization have launched the first ever black-owned NFT marketplace called Disrupt Art. It is purpose-built upon the Flow Blockchain which represents scalability, sustainability and much more energy-efficient transactional processes.

Rob Richardson is a solid Union man (Laborers International Union) who operates by the people and for the people. As a former chairman (youngest chair in history) at University of Cincinnati for the Board of Trustees he knows a thing or two about completing the mission. 

What’s the Use Case?

Cincinnati, Ohio’s influx of culture, art and fusion can be single-handedly attributed to this man and those around him. For instance, the 1819 Innovation Hub has given many creative individuals room to flourish and distinguish themselves within the Southern Ohio area.

Now, keep in mind Cincinnati exists in immediate proximity to the state of Kentucky – one of the most blue-blood outwardly racist states known to man. That is the point of disruption though is to bring about change and make those cowards squirm while empowering those who deserve their moment to shine.

The future is now. Oftentimes, people bemoan the fact that accomodation and service industries such as restaurants are understaffed. These individuals will often chalk it up to the fact that, “Nobody wants to work.” 

In reality, nobody wants to work where their value isn’t appreciated! Whether it be professional demeanor or monetarily the pandemic has caused people to realize that there are other ways to make a living and maintain personal well-being.

Moving at the Pace of Change

One of the primary ways that the pandemic shifted our means of living is through art. People took to the canvas as a form of expression and started to ‘mint’ their masterpieces on platforms like Rarible, SeedClub and OpenSea. Disrupt Art is another one of those platforms.

As art is reflective of the times, Disrupt Art provides a revenue outlet to increase generational wealth for all collectors and/or creative artists. Often times, creative solutions are based in the reality of adversity. This platform provides an escape route from the dominant white eurocentric gaze. 

Make an Effort to Engage in Perspective Shifts

The entire NFT art movement is very similar to the protests that took place in the past years. It is yet another vehicle by which to move the message forward. That message being, we are all one human body and deserve our fair share of the pie. 

Rather than just featuring their work for a stint, we must invest in valuable work if it is worthy. Disrupt Art will be an orchestrator for the NFT movement by bridging the gap between activists, allies and organizations. 

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