Artists Lounge MIAFest Interview with Fresh Tape Media

Made in America Festival brings incredibly joyous vibes year in and year out. In 2021, Hurricane Ida created a shroud of uncertainty for the days leading up to the event. After unprecedented flooding, the rivers of Philadelphia filled all the way up.

Fortunately enough, the infrastructure arrangement of the venue location is placed properly. Thus, the near-crest overflow of the Schuylkill River did not affect operations, whatsoever.

As the shows carried on, so did the network facilitation. As your net worth remains unimportant, how you network and interact will always determine the greater good, poise and purpose.

This is where we posted up for our interview, too #CalmConstructiveVibes

Inside the artists lounge lay plush grass, golden barstools black carpets and a Twitter tent. Upon entry, I migrated toward three intrinsically bright young women who work for Fresh Tape Media and were activated on behalf of Twitter. They provided marvelous feng-shui via design touch and we kicked it for a good half hour.

As the conversation rang organic, the FNN journalist proposed an interview. These young media moguls accepted & shared why their coveted company remains wonderfully comprised from the bottom up.

Media Moves the World

The 3 spoke of their journeys, well-being and what it means to truly distinguish your brand within our social media stratosphere. 

Take a look at the delightful discourse below:

Fresh News Now: So, could you speak to the importance of surroundings? So they say you grow through what you go through? But how important is it to have a place to heal a place to work, etc?

Fresh Tape Media: Whenever we do an activation on-site with talent where we may record them we try to think of unique experiences that they will experience for the first time. Therefore, they can feel this sense of wonder and awe which is typically our goal with on-site activations. This is more of a lounge space so it is meant to curate community and conversation. 

“You take a little bit from every conversation that you have which shapes perspective on life

We put our people first and that has been super evident working for this company

When you come to work with people that are inspiring, passionate, pumped to be with each other and genuinely like each other it makes work so much fun and helps us open our hearts.”

Fresh Tape Media

FNN: I heard you say Open Dialogue and I think that is something that is lacking in our society today. The idea of adult education in order to keep learning and also the ability to meet in the middle. Agree to disagree. Would you guys speak to that and possibly about how Colorado is one of the first states to put social workers on the streets?

FTM: Something that we really look for @Fresh Tape is the constant ability to learn new things, try new things & be open to new things. Especially in the creative industry – if you’re not pushing it, growing it or trying to expand the box that you live in, you’re not doing a good job in the creative industry.

Alana Moritz: It’s not like once you graduate college you know everything about the world. A lot of people need to have that realization. We are fortunate enough to work in a company where we encourage that and help each other grow every single day.

Gabby Carrier: Personally, I’ve moved to multiple different places in the States. And it’s been really eye opening [to hear] people’s opinions at different locations.

So actually being there and experiencing those people – “People are hard to hate from close up.” 

If you really get to know people/their background/their stories it opens your eyes to the reasonings behind their decisions.

You’re not always right – you know you have to open up your mind to that and understand that the reason you do things is because of your background and the experiences you’ve gone through.

So having those conversations can really make you more empathetic and open-minded to the reasons people believe the things they do.

FNN: ​​It is hard to hate people from close up. Everything is a case by case basis. And we could all use more kindness and more love as those sweeping generalizations are for the birds. Okay, you really got to live it. So, last question. What was your first tweet?

Moritz: Girls are getting hotter #KeepYourCool

Fresh Tape Media: Get it.

Ashley G: Long story short, I got picked for this thing called UTV playmakers. And one of the one of the executives there connected me to Jared, which is the person that was Fresh Tape Media and he messaged me through Twitter. The rest is history!


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