Meek Mandela

Meek Mill represents the true testament to standing the test of time. Battle-proven, wound-ridden and straight grimey output is all we receive from this man. From petty crime to petty charges, Meek has made mistakes within the system. Also, the system has mistaken him for someone other than who he truly is: an activist.

Suffer no longer, Meek Mill has demolished his shackles. Breaking free from the system of prolonged enslavement a.k.a probation Meek Mill has never looked back. The only time he has looked back is to give back and pour funds into the community. 

His backpack drives, clothing donations and work with REFORM Alliance* recently earned him the Nelson Mandela award from Plan to Take on the World (PTTOW)

And the biggest L in this article goes to Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judge Geneice Brinkley…

Often times, the systemic brutality that America ushers forward leaves young citizens with very few options. Especially when absentee parents dish the reins to adolescents who grow around unbelievable surroundings. Rather than wonder what might happen, Meek Mill pushed the envelope and refused to play the victim in his rough and tumble Philadelphia neighborhood.

Today, he continues to fight for the rights of his people and even dropped a Mandela Freestyle to accompany his reputable achievement. 

Legitimize his hustle
Thats why i take my platform and distribute it
For all the cops that got no discipline
Say it loud I wont be a product of my environment
Took the shells that they gave us and made it a plaque
Freein people its like 2 for a dollar
System broken we cant fix it take it to the chop shop
Pick it apart and build it back make it equal for brown and black

Some of the specific legal work that Meek Mill has helped facilitate involves limiting probation periods. His support helped pass the AB 1950 Bill in California. Meek and his vastly flourishing team have also made similar progress in Michigan, Virginia, Georgia, Mississippi and Pennsylvania. 

Meek Mill is the first musical artist to win this Nelson Mandela award.* This award goes to an individual who holds true to Mandela’s legacy through key pillars of:

  • Activism
  • Community/Nature building
  • Protection/education of children/youth

*Michael Rubin (76ers owner) sits at the Co-Chair of the REFORM Alliance

*Will.i.Am & Quincy Jones won different PTTOW awards

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