DONDA puts young creatives in pole position

Kanye West cannot be duplicated or reciprocated. Nothing seems to quench his thirst or fill his plate more than giving back to the youth. 

Listen to the kids, bro!

His most recent offering, Donda stretches its hand mightily to put God at the forefront. Furthermore, it provided an excellent tabernacle for starving artists to feast. 

What makes Kanye the true leader of our generation is his generosity. Kanye is for the kids! It is clear that when he sees potential, he will strike a match. There is no bigger proponent of giving away game for free than Kanye West. 

With that being said, here are the five brightest stars featured on Kanye’s recent album.

Baby Keem

Kendrick Lamar’s cousin burst upon the scene with radiance. His close connection with the T.D.E. camp actually led to him swiping a Top 5 DJ Dahi beat that escaped the finalization process from Kendrick’s album, “DAMN.” 

Baby Keem will flourish in his pgLang role (via Krzysztof Niewolny)

When he hopped on that beat the reassurance that he received from himself and others became very real. Since then, he has gained the confidence to become more experimental and to seek answers from within.

Leapfrogging formidable opponents en route to superstardom, Baby Keem treats the hip-hop game as an unlimited playground. He proves an uncanny ability to evolutionize with processes and releases that resonate mightily. His advanced output landed him on the Made in America Festival lineup as he continues to accelerate and reflect while doing so. 

DONDA Track: Praise God

Fivio Foreign

Fivio came straight out the NY Deli and into the limelight. His drip-infused musical output shows that he paves his own lane with style, bravado and authenticity.

Eye to the sky got my head up in the clouds – Boldy Bernadines (via Pavol Svantner)

Fivio exists firmly within NY circles and represents his city to the fullest. Without a doubt, his potential continues to soar and he might be apart of the hardest track on this whole album.

DONDA Track: Off the Grid


This Kentucky native focuses squarely on capturing the moment. That is much of what hip-hop revolves around is creating timeless and momentous movements. Vory received recognition for his incredibly gifted songwriting contributions.

Bask in the greatness (via Lizzie Luhon)

He wrote for Drake’s “Scorpion” Bryson Tiller’s “Trapsoul” and won a Grammy share for The Carters “Everything is Love” Best Urban Contemporary album. Recently, Vory secured a deal with XO Management and continues to climb the ranks en route to longevity and career fulfillment.

DONDA Tracks: God Breathed, No Child Left Behind, 24, Jonah

Westside Gunn & Conway the Machine

WSG & Conway blessed the “Keep my Spirit Alive” with fresh verses in their typical grimey Buffalo fashion. For those unaware, Griselda Records is the modern day Wu-Tang. Punchy, gritty and distinguished verses put them in this position.

Their output is pure, uncut, and vital for the advancement of hip-hop. Their transformative processes continue to inspire and this placement further benefitted their careers and showcased their crossover capabilities.

DONDA Track: Keep My Spirit Alive

Digital Nas

This producer emerged onto the scene with Lil Yachty and constantly puts in the hours. When Mowalola (YZY Crtv. Dir.) got in contact with him he sent over 150 beats for consideration.

After multiple demos, revisions, and careful crafting DN landed himself on Junya & Remote Control. He also touched every track on the album meaning he put finishing touches in order to fine-tune and perfect every song submitted to the DONDA masterpiece.

What is incredibly astounding about Kanye West is his resourcefulness. He understands to make major waves within this industry you cannot box yourself in or allow containment whatsoever. 

Many of these young artists modeled in Yeezy Fashion shows or GAP campaigns. He always keeps talent in mind and only puts forth the highest echelon of individuals. For that reason, we praise Yeezus.

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