Magnum Dopus provides outlet through emotive entendres

With so many forms of stimulation that exist today, the universe has become a multiverse. Certainly, that is what you can expect from the likes of Magnum Dopus as well – multiple verses. With a well-versed punk rock presence, this group lays down entendres and escapism tunes upon every track.

For those unaware, Magnum Dopus pushes the rock culture forward with their everlasting and extremely modern sound. Full of freeform jams, these post-punk genre enthusiasts keep listeners on their toes at a moments notice. 

Maximum Dopeness

It is unfair to compare – but if we had to mark any resemblances – Magnum Dopus strikes us under the same lightning as Velvet Underground, Sebadoh or Joy Division. 

Complete Your Journey

Their songwriting clearly separates them from other groups and catapults them to the next level. Their lyrical content combined with emotive reverberations shows why music exists as the most powerful medium on the planet.

Touching Wavelengths Unimaginable

Without a doubt, this group belongs in the exact space by which they inhabit. With smooth tones and unpredictable progressions the listener receives incredible vibes from the likes of Magnum Dopus. The group incorporates many emotional elements and takes the audience on a whirlwind joyride every time they grace the microphone.

Consistent Rhythmic Clashing

Magnum Dopus emits seismic sound signals. In a blink of an eye they can go from carefree to careless to careful. They wade through all existential bullshit with gnashing of teeth and absolute headbanging.

They continuously complete amazing feats by teetering on the brink of happy-go-lucky, reckless and contemplative.

Not only that, their use of tonal perception creates quite the expressive and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Here are some examples of ways in which their music can be evolved within the imaginative mind:

Lyrics: Why bother 

What We Heard: White bother 

Why bother when the white man will continue to bother? An intriguing question nonetheless. Or perhaps it is the bother of guilt that a white person feels for his ancestors heinous actions?

Lyrics: Cannot focus on the present and the past

What We Heard: Cannot focus on the present and the passive

How can one commit undivided attention to the current moment if they are focused in another time period? Also how can a person be one with the now if they are not actively engaged?

Lyrics: Shining sea

What We Heard: Shine and see

From sea to shining sea, our objective is to obtain success right?

Lyrics: Am I evil?

What We Heard: Am I eagle?

Which one is it? The slightest mentality alteration or sonic bounce reception can make all the difference.

Let’s Paint our Hearts Back on our Sleeves

Magnum Dopus rings true as equal parts playful and sinister. While exploring the nuances of the craft, they give people the right to release tension. They make it alright to experience darkness and supply listeners with a way to embrace their struggle through devotion. 

Their most recent offering is their strongest yet

They are calm and harmonic one minute then bounce off the walls the next. Basically, Magnum Dopus is exactly what you need to overcome. Check out their latest single, here!

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